Tuesday, 13 September 2016


In my quest to keep Rye engaged and enjoying learning, I've purchased some math manipulatives.  They are also useful for demonstrating carrying over into the tens column.

On top of that I discovered a game on Amazon called Dudes.  Its a dice game with 3 small plastic trolls.  There is a operand die and two number dice.  The operand die has subtract, addition and multiply, and "arrhhhhhh".  The games improves mental arithmetic and helps to learn the times table.   Each player takes turn in rolling the dice, working out the sum, and then remembering the score.  Whomever has the higher score wins a troll.  The winner is the either the player to have all 3 trolls and reach 250+, or whomever reaches 250 first.   It's a fun game.

 After that Rye worked on his singapore maths books.  It was  a review section - fortuitous considering we've not cracked open the text books during the summer break.

Rye's anxiety reared it's ugly head at one point and he started to get very disruptive and silly.  I am really proud though because he managed to rein it in somewhat, and began to enjoy the number bonds and number patterns review he was doing.

Next challenge is to encourage him to write faster.  He writes at turtle speed, a decrepit, almost dead turtle, which is frustrating for us both.
Bless him tho, eh, look at the concentration on that face :D

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