Saturday, 7 January 2017

6th January 2017.

Well, Fiddlesticks!  The year began dubiously, Rye came home on the 1st, his birthday, and had a marvelous day.
Yup skateboard...
Ugliest Cake, ever!

January 2017 is suppose to be a big push toward a healthier, (haha yes ok, there's a sweet infested cake photo up me, that was not a cake for adults!  Probably shouldn't be for kids either, really),  more mobile, more adventurous me.. so naturally I fecked my left knee up.. walking across my living room, no seriously, crossing my living room - I took maybe 3 steps, CRUNCH, followed by much swearing.  Initially, though it seemed ok - sore and a bit tender, but otherwise ok...woke up the next day couldn't walk.

Whatever day it was after the New Year Bank Holiday, I bit the bullet and went to the GP, there was little improvement after about 4 days, and I was beginning to get fed up of the pain, which over the counter painkillers were barely touching.  Further dismay - though admittedly, not entirely unexpected; knee badly bruised, possible long term damage, knee surgery probably likely, suspect arthritis.  Bleurgh.
There is a chance, with losing some weight, strengthening the muscles around my knees etc that I may avoid knee yeah, we'll go for that then.. I really do not want to go under the knife if I can at all avoid it.    I'm deflated but trying to be positive - use it as further motivation to eat better, do the yoga, (though, of course, my new mat is defunct...I'm resorting to chair yoga for now) and with some bloody luck - PLEASE, be much more mobile by the end of this month.    The GP prescribed Naproxen, bugger scary side effects, it's a relief not to be in agony - there's still some pain, and it feels like my knee is about to cave in every step I take..but at least I can get about...and I can sit and crucially GET UP again - yes I got stuck on the sofa, the knee had swelled up further, making it even more painful and I just couldn't get up...I spent about 10 minutes rocking back and forth to propel myself upwards.  Bah!

Next week all the home ed activities start up again, along with other trips I've popped on the calendar, and I'm hoping my knee will hold up to the increased work out.  I have been juicing and eating high raw food diet to help reduce water retention in my body and drop some pounds which would help with the lower lumbar pain I suffer with too.  The hobbling has fecked that up, the unnatural gait of hobbling is playing havoc with my back - so as much as I was hoping to be able to use buses again, next week I will be forking out for taxis.

Hopefully, public transport will be accessible for me  by the 16th, when Rye has Forest School at Delamere Forest, which is a bus ride/train ride and fairly short walk to the area in the forest where the group meet.  And my knee better be up for the 2 night stay in York for the Viking Festival in February I'm about to pay for!

Not the best start to 2017.

I'll sign off with this photo -  I was the not so secret elf for one of my housemates, and he loves goats and rabbits, so I crocheted him a's pretty realistic too, and at one point I found it a tad disturbing because I had the head and half a body of a rabbit on my was just odd, is all.

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