Thursday, 13 November 2008

Back on Topic.

Before feeling grotty, the little 'un and I decided to take advantage of a rare sunny day.... he did manage to sit in a muddy puddle too.

Couple more projects I've been working on. A draft excluded snake, an on hold project until I get more stuffin (although I think I've overstuffed the head so I might change that, and I need to buy some felt to make the snake face.
A wool liner to use with some wool wraps I have that leak awfully between the legs. The idea being the extra layer of wool will stop it happening - in theory, I've now lanolised the liner, just need to try it out and see if it works.
I've also crocheted a pear, again unfinished because I've not got any brown wool to do the stalk and leaf with. It did come out a bit bigger than I expected, still it can go in the little 'un's Yule Stocking.
The little 'un is most definitely talking more, I still struggle with hearing what it is he's saying, nontheless, he's chattering away more and copying sounds and words more.
Bless, for breakfast I made toast and offered the little 'un a piece, and he blew on the toast to cool it down - not that he needed it, but over the past few days he's seen me blowing on his food to cool it down so he's copying that. It was very cute.
During milk feeds he is now laying down for me - lol, well actually he dives over me he's so keen... and in a morning, when he's finished with one side, he crawls around me on the bed and lays down on the side so I just have to turn over and present. He is really coming on, and of recent I'm observing a lot of development and accomplishments.
I do so miss him when I'm at work, be glad once I leave and begin childminding, at least he'll be with me all the time then.

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