Thursday, 16 July 2009


Literally.  We've hit a bit of a stumbling block with the toileting, yep pants.  Despite me asking if he needs to go to the loo, and telling funny stories of how all our friends pull their pants down to have a wee (seriously!), and him once successfully alerting me to the need to relieve himself, and we all made a big fuss of him.

Nontheless pants are proving the stumbling block, probably not helped by me loosing my temper with him today.  We'd popped to the shops for a few bits, I asked him if he needed a wee before we left the house, he said no.  We were a while in the shop, so before leaving I again asked if he needed the loo - he did his whinning "nooooo" thing, which winds me up at the best of times. 

We arrived home, fine, he sat in the chair chattering away etc while I unpacked in the kitchen.. then he came in to tell me he was............. wet.  I went ballistic.  All that asking if he needed the loo, even taking him up and showing him how to pull his pants down and bugger me he wets himself... and then later he pooed in his pants too - although I didn't get mad that time... but it was just after asking him repeatedly if he need the loo..a nd for him to wet myself.

It is early days I know and allowing him to run around pantless probably isn't helpful - I suppose I just thought he would get it and once we successful got pants down that would be it.. like it was with when he used the potty for the first time.  Pants though, are proving a bit more difficult - every single time he wets them.  

Peserverance I know, and keeping that temper of mine under wraps - he'll get it, and I need to be consistent with the wearing of the pants.

Pants!  Who thought I'd ever blog about bloody pants!


Mother of four said...

Same 'problem' in our house! Perhaps both little men have got together and decided pants are not for them!! Good thing it is currently warm as our little boy spends most days without any on ;-)

arwen_tiw said...

It's taken both of mine at least six months in clothing to stop having accidents. Even Jenna, who was accident free for the first month after she decided to stop using nappies. They get involved in a thought or an action, think they can hold it and can't - or feel the fabric and think "ah I'm wearing a nappy, that's OK then!" (hugs)

Mel said...

Hang in there.....toileting my son proved MUCH more tricky than my daughter. Sebastian was successfully peeing at the loo (he never used a potty) for a year before he would have a bm on it. He would always ask for a diaper (nappy, sorry!) for a bm and being the *good* mindful parent I am I kept giving him one :) The breakthrough actually came when he had a touch of the runs when he was with my sister - I hadn't packed enough nappies and he ended up having to do it on the loo. I grabbed hold of that and ran with it (he was 4 for Goddess sakes!!!) For a few days after he would ask for one and I would tell him they were all gone (I will confess to having a secret stash in the cupboard but I KNEW he could do it - I was wracked with guilt over that one - how manipulative of me!!!) and eventually he stopped asking and has never gone back. No accidents, either.

Truly though, it's a readiness thing and truly, boys are much slower at it than girls...Savannah was fully *trained* (oh, how I hate that word!!) by 2 1/2. Mind you, back then I was using coercion and bribery...not something that would ever fly with Sebastian. What a teacher he has been!!

And yes, the wearing of pants (which I have translated to mean underwear?) will be a transition and he'll get used to it. Eventually :) Perhaps its the feel of the fabric against his skin that reminds him of a nappy? I also read somewhere that the repeated asking isn't productive -- they tune you out after a while. I know Sebastian would get very angry with me if I asked more than once....

Patience and consistency and allowing for regression.....easier for me to say now that I"m on the other side of it but it really is true.

Best of luck!!

shell said...

We have the same thing too so try not to worry too much

Claire said...

Oooh hugs and patience to you Joxy - it's not easy, this toileting lark is it?! Phoebe sometimes even now won't say if she needs a wee, then will panic and dash off to the loo, and occasionally doesn't make it in time. Think it's attention diverted elsewhere and away from the fact they need to pee! xxx

Rachel said...

Persevere....J also went thro a phase where he wet his pants - and I swear he was doing it deliberately! In the end I just used to say "oh dear, lets get dry ones" in as monotonous voice as I could summon. Eventually he got bored and was dry there after. Good luck!

lilac73 said...

This may sound daft but one of my friend's resolved this with her son by firstly putting him in trousers with no pants and then when he'd mastered the toilet and no wet trousers she bought him boxer shorts rather than pants and he was fine. The only thing she could think of was that the close fitting pants, in his mind, were like a nappy. This stage does pass though - I remember it well as being frustrating

Lyndsey said...

You know, we EC, so I know that they make crotchless pants for babies. They keep everything covered unless they are held in a squatting position. Maybe something like that would work?

Great blog!