Sunday, 25 January 2009


I've joined the local freecycle and look, I managed to pick up a folding dinning table and four chairs. Very pleased with my "purchase", I particularly wanted a proper dinning table for when I begin childminding. The table is a little battered, and one of the little levellers under the pull out legs is missing and will need replacing so the table is more stable; but other than that its fine - and hey a table cloth will hide any imperfections... best thing, a similar table from the Tesco catelogue would have set me back £170, this set me back £20 for the taxi fare - bargain me thinks.

We ate our sunday tea at the table and it was so nice and civilised; and ok its probably more to do with the yummy chicken gravy I made, but the little one ate all his tea including the spring greens! (what is it about kids and green vegetables??????). Plus, having a four seater table means I can have friends round for tea now and again too... I so love cooking for folks.

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