Monday, 26 January 2009

The irony.

Last night we had our lovely freerange chicken roasted with lovely organic roasted butternut squash, a different variety from what I have in the past bought from supermarkets, and organic carrots and spring veg. All very lovely and eaten with delight and gusto.

Come 3amish I am scratching like a maniac and thinking "Uh-oh" one trip to the bathroom confirms it; yep, I have bumpy skin, otherwise known as hives. My arms were worst affected with the hives; my back, thighs, knees, ribs and stomach covered in an itchy prickly rash. The hives have gone now and I'm just left with a very itchy rash which has spread up my torso and I can feel my face starting to tingle. Blah.

I avoided breastfeeding the little one this morning because, daft as it kinda sounds, I'm not sure if I can pass on the allergy through my breastmilk and so far the little man is unaffected. I shall google in a minute and see if I can find out...

The irony that it is organic veg that has done this to me is something I'm deliberately not pondering, although some quarters have found it quite amusing :P.

Afraid I haven't made it to the post office today Sarah, clothes make the itching worst, so I'm wearing as little as is decent to do so. I'll try and get to the post office in the next few days, probably Thursday.


arwen_tiw said...

Ack, oh love don't worry about the post, hope you're feeling better tomorrow! Couldn't be something like wearing clothes before washing (I had a charity shop tshirt recently that had me all rashy, goodness knows what it was washed in last lol)? Or something in a scented candle or similar random change in the environment? Butternut squash seems an odd one to get a reaction!

Joxy said...

I thought so too, but it's the only unfamiliar thing I've eaten. My bath was in plain water, I did you a bodywash, royal jelly one but I've used that a few times now and no reaction.

Nope, unfortunately, I rarely find clothes in my size in charity shops.

the only other possibility is the sisal twine I was crocheting with but the only skin it came in contact with was my hands, and while it did feel horrid to crochet, I would have expected a rash along where it laid on my hands and nothing.

So the butternut squash is the only thing I've not had before, which is why I think it might be that. Dreading bedtime, once I'm warm and snuggly the itching will increase tenfold.
Hoping a cool chammomile bath followed by calenda lotion will help.

arwen_tiw said...

How are you now hun? Hope all is better. :)

Jenna has dry skin on her shoulders again, so I've been mixing chamomile and calendula massage oil for her. Magical stuff!

Joxy said...

Yeah, your comment just made me realise I've not scratched at all today and the glands in my neck have gone back down too.

So yep, thanks, feeling much better and not so fleabitten! lol