Saturday, 24 January 2009

Fresh Air

The little 'un was incredibly boisterous this morning, which was beginning to wear on my patience. Solution, get out of the house and burn some energy off. I decided to walk down Langdon Road to where the new "eco-houses" are been built, along side those down to the larger park. Tl'u immediately ran to the slide, which helpfully has some steps he could climb up all by him self. He loved that, then I showed him the elephant seasaw and the thought that was rather fine too.

I did toy with staying there and just letting him run around and play; however, I'd not packed any lunch because:
  1. not made any more bread.
  2. needed to pop to post office
  3. plan was to go into Folkestone town centre and buy some pasties or sausage rolls to take to the beech.
Had to drag the little one away from the play area; bless him, he didnt make a fuss though, just walked slow. In the post office he was hilarious, he kept touching everyone's bag in the line asking "whats that?" and then he would point to people and I'd be saying "That's a lady, a gentleman, lady, gentleman, lady, lady...." lol Thankfully, the people in the line were very understanding of him pointing at them and thought he was very cute.

After that we waited for a bus for the towncentre and I popped the little man into the ring sling. I had intended to take him out once we reached the town centre; but decided it would be quicker to walk to the seafront with him in it. Stopped on the way at the little market to have a nosey at one stall with a few wooden toys. The lady was very lovely and we had a lovely chat and she told me she'd have more wooden toys next week, so I shall have to go and have a look. Apparently, she use to own a wooden toy shop in Folkestone. I presume she's fallen foul of economic turn down.

Anyhoos, we walked through the artist quarter down to sandy beach at the end of the harbour. The little loved running around, and much to my sheer pleasure, he did actually come back when I called. Normally, he runs away laughing, which is ok but does mean I am wary of letting him run free in public areas. We walked up and down the sandy beach, which to be fair isn't really that big but I thought he'd prefer that to the pebble beach further along. He's not quite sure what to make of the sand; every time he fell over he would come trotting back for me to wipe the sand off his hands.

Somewhat annoyed at the amount of dog fouling on the pavements - the beech itself was ok, although there were a lot of dogs which made me a bit nervous with the little one, I wasn't so worried about any attacking him, just him getting knocked down as they charged after their balls and a couple did pad over when they saw us eating. The dog fouling is really annoying me though, in Medway there are dog mess bins everywhere and heavy penalities if owners don't clear up after their dogs. I haven't seen one dog mess bin so far down here, so the pavements are awful - not that the lack of bins is an excuse; if people want dogs then they should flipping well clean up after them!

Walking back along the harbour I did consider buying some whelks or cockles for the little one to try and he's become a bit of a carnivore of late; but I wasn't sure if it was ok for him to eat shellfish at his age so I decided not to bother.

Speaking of shell fish, we found a lovely scallop shell which we saved to bring back for the season table - be nice for spring table I think. Its been a nice afternoon, plenty of exercise and fresh air, and on arrival home, well deserved drink and chocolate brownie :)


arwen_tiw said...

Well as far as I know they aren't "meant" to eat shellfish until 7ish years old, but Morgan and Jenna both have whatever's on offer. *waiting for someone to tell me what a huge risk that is*

Joxy said...

There aren't any food allergies that I'm aware of in my family, and I eat shell fish, which I guess the little one will then get through my milk so probably ok.

I suppose I was a tad wary too because it's one of those stalls by the harbour and I wondered about just how hygienic and safe the shell fish is - although plenty of people buying from the stall; so probably ok; and some seemed to be repeat customers because the sellers knew them.

Naomi said...

Tristan's eaten shellfish too! He's not even 2 yet (oops!) Sounds like you had a lovely day and very annoying about the dog mess, I have the same problem around here and blogged about it recently. You have my sympathies. xxx