Sunday, 25 January 2009


Awww, look at his little face, that was from yesterday; after we arrived home from the beach and he was exhausted, bless him, and curled up in my arms, had a little boob time then went to sleep, and woke up at bedtime. Ah well.

Need a bit more practise with the terries, me thinks, oops, they keep falling off him. hehehe.
I did manage the origami fold - YAH, unfortunately, it doesn't fit him. My squares are 60x60cm so I'm assuming I need the 75x75 squares for this fold to fit. Annoying because the extra large size were not on Babykind, it was only when I went to nappy nations website, for a nosey, that I discovered there were even larger squares. Ah well, nevermind.


Liz said...

That fold is also known as the 'girl's fold' because it works with girls much better than boys. We used it for our daughter but even using a big enough terry square it just didn't 'work' for ur son. For him, we used this one which after much experimentation seemed to work best and not need such a huge terry.

Joxy said...

Ahhh yes I'm using one very similar to that, as its the one one wide enough at the back to come round his hips.