Friday, 9 January 2009

Mixed bag.

Phew, today has been a very mixed bag. I rather suspect tl'u was missing his new friends and having a "there's nothing to do" moment(s). Although, he did produce the beautiful drawing above. I sat with him for a while and sowed him how to make spirals and off he went. I am pretty sure he's left handed as he uses it predominantly. He is a bit cack handed at holding the crayons but that will come in time. And oops, my first crayoning faux pas, he was scribblilng away so happily that I went in the kitchen and got tea ready.... oh dear, when I checked on him he was scribbling all over Ivan the Engine book and I then realised he'd crayoned all over the laminate flooring. At least it wasn't the walls!

My next parenting faux pas is the allowing of juice (diluted) other than meal times. The childminder and I have agreed that he's to have water at CMs and he only gets juice with his tea, here I do allow juice with all his meals, although I am watering it down so much its pretty much coloured water. He expressed his displeasure frequently today - I stood firm, offering comfort in his distress but not backing down and allowing juice. Ok, I did a compromise with his snack and made him a strawberry milkshake to have with his beetroot toast, other than he's only had water. I rather suspect too, he's missed his new friends; he's settled phenomenly well at CMs, so much so he's reluctant to come home! (Traitor lol).

I am very chuffed that nappy changing is such a breeze. He's only been with CM 2 days, yet because she has a little girl only slightly younger than tl'u, who lays down on the changing mat when CM needs to change her nappy, tl'u has started doing the same. Each nappy change today, I've pulled out the changing mat, asked him to lay down and he has! The problem was he developed a horrendous nappy rash not so long back and changing him was a nightmare because it hurt him so much. I suspect he remembered that horrible incident and so had become nappy changing shy.

Today has been a mixed bag. Big feelings expressed quite a lot, along with not seeming to know what to do with himself, yet really good parts too like the drawing, the nappy changing, eating really well, had a good nap this afternoon.


Mon said...

Great drawing. I'm wondering if my LO is left-handed, bit soon to tell at almost 9mths?

What's beetroot tosst!?

Joxy said...

probably hon, little 'uns tend to swap and changes hands easily.

I'll post the recipe for the beetroot bread.

Joxy said...

later that is the little 'unw ants me to play dominoes with him