Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Firstly - I have heating and hot water! Woohoooo.
Somewhat annoyed as it's become apparent the plumber said the boiler need replacing so he could delay coming out until after the festive period because in the end he just change a part and when I queried this he told me it may not be necessary to replace the boiler.... mmm so why have I been without heating and hot water during the coldest winter in 20 years???????? Postive, now I do have hot water I've been able to have a bath and yah! I don't stink anymore! LOL.

My little man started with his new CM (childminder) today. He's only with her until 1st April, when I hope to be childminding myself. Darling boy settled like a duck to water and had a fabulous day - even napped for an hour! My CM was satisfyingly astonished by my son's affable nature and that he's quite happy to get on and entertain himself.

Tl'u obviously enjoyed himself and wasn't at all interested in coming home, he sat on the sofa played with a toy and gave my CM's son, J, many kisses. When I suggested it was time to come home, he flung himself on the floor with a planitive "Noooooooooooooo" and then ran off to hide. Mind you, my son doesn't normally have spag bol for lunch followed by a creme friache and for tea have a roast beef dinner!!!! No wonder he didn't want to come home, where lunch is often a sandwich! Actually, I rather wouldn't mind going to my CM either! LOL

I did get my cuddles on the way home because tl'u wanted carrying, so into the new maya wrap ring sling he went. Much more comfortable than my own sling, although, my size, trying to wear the sling under my thick cardy, a rucksac and a handbag does mean the sling rides up a bit on my shoulder so by the time I arrived home I was aching a tad. Nonetheless, still preferable to using a buggy.

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