Sunday, 8 February 2009

Joys of a 2yr old.

I'm almost afraid to type this post in case I jinx myself.
I do not like the term "terrible twos" because it seems a self fulling prophetic term. Tl'u has his big feeling although they seem short in nature; he expresses his disquiet and once he knows I have understood and am being emphathic he then moves on and goes back to being my sunny little boy. On ocassion it does feel like he's got out of the wrong side of the bed that morning because he will seem very out of sorts. Yet, on the whole, I personally am finding my 2 year old son a joy to behold.

He is inquisitive, independent, loving, rascally, happy, funny and exercising his voice more and more frequently - favourite phase being "What's that?". He love to copy the sounds of animals; he will do an elephant (my version of one, so the poor lad is going to be bitterly disappointed when we take him to Port Lymph or similar and he hears an actual elephant) along with arm motion, he roars like a lion, meeows like a cat and moos like cow. He now sings "baby, baby,baby" which his Aunty J taught him yesterday; I think it's "Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhh, my voodoo baby", which he thinks is hilarious and, of course, "row, row, row".

I particularly love the spontaneous hugs and kisses he offers; not just to me but to all the lovely people involved in his life. This stage of his development is glorious. He's learning so much; the perfect epitome of "automonous learning"; sure I'm facilitating, I'm answering his questions, I'm taking him out, involving him in my life, my community, but he is the one who is soaking it all up and learning so incredibly quickly. I find myself terribly excited at the thought this thirst and desire to learn can continue. My CM believes tl'u simply choses not to speak at the moment (because his comprehension is so high) and has suggested that I might find automonous learning does not push & challenge him enough... I suppose it rather depends on one's priorities and values and the opportunites made available.

My only concern about HE tl'u is his obvious socialibility and love of being around other children. Tl'u is self contained, he will happily play on his own; and equally he loves running up and down with other children, doing that toddler play that to us adults is incomprehensible and its been reported to me he adores Toddler Group. So, I worry about being able to provide him with enough opportunites for interaction. I find myself worrying about finding children "his own age"... then I remember that HE kids are often said to be very comfortable at making friends with any age group; and so providing "his own age" kids/people may not be completely necessary. Its not a socialisation thing I'm worried about - that's just plain daft, kids have learned to be social before they even step foot in a class room, I just don't want him to be isolated.

Leaving HE behind, the latest development with tl'u is him sleeping in his room. Sometimes all night, sometimes most of the night and other times just for a few hours. Either way he's becoming more accustomed to going into his room. On the one hand I want to shout for joy - especially after nights like last night, where I was coughing a lot and the little one was very very wriggly and constantly rolling over, kicking me, hand groping to touch skin. In the end I got up and slept in HIS room. On the other hand, when he does sleep most (or all) of the night in his own room I find myself missing him.

Anyway, just a rambly post tonight.

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