Sunday, 8 February 2009

Robins Hip Carry

I so wish I'd seen this before I bought the Maya Wrap Ring sling; I've had a little play with one of tl'u's teddies and it feels very secure and is also fab whether one's wrap is very long (and all mine are because I need the length being a plus size) or a shortie - Robins Hip Carry - I suppose the only thing is it's not quite as hassle free and quick as using a ring sling but it's not exactly time consuming either.

And thinking about it, I probably take as long putting on the ring sling because I end up doing a lot of adjusting to try and stop the padding of the maya riding up onto my neck.

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Joxy said...

Gah - actually, this is rather difficult to do with a heavy and long 2 year old.. even with my foot up on a chair to try and take some of his weight.