Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Just too cute!

I took Rye up to Maidstone with me this morning and his dad picked him up outside my office building. I was very aprehensive that his dad might try to initiate further discussions about Rye staying overnight and I do keep having this nightmare where my ex calls me to tell me he's not bringing Rye back and I get frantic and call the police but he's Rye's father and they won't do anything. Awful. I know its my own worries over my ex's demands, I will just have to get over my softness and dislike of confrontation and stay firm.

Needless to say, my ex did drop Rye off again. He was a bit rascally at first but once I popped him in the ring sling he was fine and snuggled up to me. On the train from Ashford Rye took a shine to a rather pretty lady and kept blowing her kisses, which she found highly amusing.

Oh dear, I can see I'm going to have dads banging on my door when my little boy is older and chasing the girls.

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