Friday, 27 February 2009

Kent GP Mamas & Parcels.

A parcel arrived this morning, I know what it is but I didn't dare open for fear of been distracted when I had so much to do before Willow81k, Mama412 and Daisypip arrived. Sadly Daisypip wasn't able to join us all afterall, there's always next time :-)

We had planned on a craft afternoon, the littles though made if a bit difficult so we enjoyed chilli and then Mama's delicious apple cakes and a good chinwag. I was very sad when it came time for
everyone to leave. Rye had a whale of time with Mama's daughter, they played outside in the garden and then they played upstairs in his Rye's bedroom; the giggles and laughter coming from his room. It was lovely to hear him having such a wonderful time.

I opened the parcel from Sarah followed by much oohing and arrhing. She'd added a few little bits too, the little brass cauldron in the photo and the very cute little beanbaggy thing, which Rye hasn't yet spied but I imagine will be claimed when he does.
Once everyone had left, I discovered I had no electricity, so a quick pop round next door to ask if they had none too, which they didn't, so I decided to amuse myself by trying on the new mei tai that Sarah has made me. Ohhh its lovely, nice wide straps and a good length in the body. Rye clearly likes it too because he was fast asleep within minutes of me putting him in it, and much to my delight the length means when he's asleep his neck is supported and he's not lolling around like he does in my funkysling mei tai. I think it will take a little getting use to the wide straps after the thinner padded ones, I prefer wider though, the right strap use to be forever sliding down a bit, whereas the wider straps nicely cup my shoulders, and Rye feels almost weightless.

Thanks Sarah, I love it! :))

Rye took his first top to bottom of stairs tumble this morning too. Scared the beejeebies out of me, all I could do was watch as my darling boy went head over heels down the stairs; gawd my heart was in my throat. He'd gone to sit down to shuffle down the stairs like he normally does, however I had some empty boxes at the top of the stairs for recyling. As he bent to sit down his bum caught on the edge of a box and it propelled him forward. It seemed to happen in slow motion but there was no way I could get to him in time. I ran down the stairs scooping him up, never been so relieved to hear him screaming and just sat there on the bottom of the stairs hugging my little man as all the horrible possibilities flashed through my head. I was shaking holding him and biting back tears as I didn't want to add to his fright. He's fine, a little bump on the head and it hasnt scared him off going up and down stairs - it has made me much more nervous though. The boxes, obviously, are gone! I'll not be leaving anything at the top of the stairs ever again!


Claire said...

Oh it's so scary when that happens :( Mind you, he'll probably have forgotten by the morning - I remember Chloe dancing round the room singing while I called NHS direct to see what I should do (um, nothing, she's clearly fine) LOL!
That's a very beautiful sling - and your blog is pretty too, wish I could work out how to customize! :) xx

arwen_tiw said...

Oh it looks GREAT on you! I'm so glad the dimensions are right, I fretted so much about toddler sizing and still managed to miss-measure LOL.

That canvas I used on the straps has a lovely weight and stretch to it. Only problem is that it doesn't fold down very small does it?!

Morgan actually came down the stairs for the first time a couple of weeks ago. She asked for milk, totally calm, and that was that. It was Martin having kittens while I sat there feeding her saying, "oh she's fine, she won't even have a bruise!" ;)

willow81 said...

That mei tai is sooooo lovely, you did very well to wait until we'd gone before you had a try. We were sorry to go too but I'm sure we'll do it again soon... and we'll go for that walk in the coastal park!
Weren't their giggles just delightful?!

Mon said...

What a great day, and a gorgeous fabric for the mei tai. Lucky you.

Poor Rye, but poor you watching him go. Good thing it hasn't put him off.