Sunday, 15 February 2009

Snapshot Sunday


Jax said...

like that bottom one - what is it though?

Joxy said...

Its the morgaine bali breeze gauze wrap I'm hopefully trading with another mama for a handmade mei tai... I love my wrap its beautiful but sadly I find tying a wrap for back carry very very difficult because of limited movement in my arms.

Here its just been washed and is drying in readiness for being posted.. I wanted to snap a photo before tho because I do so love this wrap, the colours and patterns are fabulous..sigh.

Still the mama who wants it will, I know, get a lot of use out of it - better than just being left folded up on my stairs and never worn.

sunnymama said...

Hi. I love the lion in the first picture and your gauze wrap is really pretty. I had the same problem with back carries in wraps as well. I noticed you have a click-clack track, they're great fun!