Monday, 16 February 2009

Spring Warmth.

Today there were the first hints of spring in the air. The sun was really quite warm and the outside looked very inviting.

Rye has been very boisterous and into everything lately, I suspect because we've been rather housebound this past week. I put together some sandwiches and rice pudding and squash and off to the park we went.

I was somewhat surpised to see the number of children there and then I remember it's half term. Rye had a wonderful time running around the park, first the swings, then the rocking elephant, then the swings again, then the slide/climbing frame. And yet more opportunities for him to show me the breadth of his understanding as I showed him how to climb and then asked him to crawl throught he tunnel rather than walking (gaps were wide enough for him to fall through). He gained in confidence with the slide too and is a real expert with it now. It was lovely to watch him playing and seeing so many other children enjoying the sun and warmth too. Afterwards we went to the library and picked up some books and a Thomas the Tank Engine Dvd, which Rye is watching now. Where does this fascination for Thomas come from - it seems inate for little boys. On the way home we even saw snowdrops!

It was good for mummy to get out of doors too, I feel refreshed and really enjoyed the walk to the park then onto the library and back. I picked up "The Good Behaviour Book" by the Dr Sears and his wife, more out of curiosity than anything and suprise that Cheriton's little library had an attachment parenting type book!


Naomi said...

Sounds like a lovely day and what a lovely picture of your little boy, he's gorgeous. :) xxx

shell said...

Just done your tagging on my blog. Would love to see some crocheted gnomes, and I love your lion - looks fantastic.

Slugs On The Refrigerator said...

who says men can't multi-task. Eating and swinging defo counts!

Joxy said...

I do love that photo, I thik I might get it printed and framed. I don't actually have any printed photos of Rye because there are all on the comp and I'd love to have a few aobut the house.