Sunday, 22 February 2009

What's going on 'er then?

Took the little man to bed about half an hour ago and he laid on his bed playing with his trains not really interested in nursing. I turned the light off on the landing and just laid with him and he played for another five minutes, then put his trains to oneside, gave me a kiss and went to sleep. So what's going on'er then, um? Seems my boy has settled into his room, I do hope the not nursing was just a one off though and he's not starting to wean. He only feeds morning and night with the odd daytime nurse or two depending on circumstances and I really do treasure those quiet times with him.
It seems to soon, still my overriding parenting philosophy is to be guided by Rye; would be a bit hypocritical to stop doing that now because he may be going down a path I personally don't feel ready for.
Moving on.
I decided to get Rye's bike out of the shed to see if he could sit on it yet and reach the floor easily - and he can! He can almost pedel too; legs just slightly too short. I would have loved to have got him one of the Likeabikes but even at £54 it was a it beyond my purse immediately after Christmas. The trike is a bargain too, Ipicked it up for £8 something in the Woolworths shutting down sale and he does love it.

All I need now is pick up a helmet for him.

Then, once I'd put washing out to dry, prepared leek and potatoe soup and rice pudding in the slowcooker (I have one with two compartments)
tl'u and I wandered over to my friend's house, might not have been a great idea as she's got a terrifically bad cold. During the walk over I was struck by the cacphony of bird song - spring is most definitely here; despite there been a distinct nip in the air again today.

Rye was rather boisterous and appeared to be trying out the "squish the germs out" method of getting rid of a cold, which entailed him jumping all over Aunty J and generally using her like a trampoline. Poor lass. We didn't stay too long, bless, she looked like she really could do with being in bed. Once in Rye again indicated he'd like a dvd on. He's become a bit more keen on dvds of late and its becoming a bit of a habit to pop in a dvd for him to watch on an eve. I dont' mind too much as it appears to be more of him just sitting down and relaxing after full days of fun and being out of the house. I confess to enjoying being able to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee without a little boy leaping all over me or using me as a human slide - and it means I can pop on the laptop without him coming over and shutting it on me because he wants my attention.

This is part of my season swap I'm making for my "partner". I love the wool, it's 100% wool which felts once washed. This is it unfelted. I have washed it but my machine only does a 40 wash (just because I can't connect it to the hot water and it just doesn't seem to do anything if I try to put in on a wash hotter than 40) so it's not felted quite as much as I thought it would, I may give it another go tomorrow.

There are also some items to go into the bowl, one of which I've made today, and I'll probably make another once I go to bed. I'll have to make one of those bowls for me too, it is so pretty (**blush** even if I do say so myself) and the wool is gorgeous.
Cor, I love crocheting.

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