Saturday, 21 February 2009

3 trebles space, 3 trebles - For Mon.

Hope this makes it a bit clearer?

  • Foundation chain is the row of chain stitches you always have to do to begin a piece of work.
  • Crochet 15 chains (12 +3 for turning chain).
  • Turn work and yarn round hook to begin a treble, this goes into the 4th stitch from the hook. Create one more treble, this is the first cluster (including the 3 chain stitches that are your first treble)
  • Crochet 1 chain, skip a foundation chain stitch and now crochet 3 trebbles into the next chain stitch of the foundation row. Keep going until you reach the end. Here only crochet one treble.
  • Turn work, crochet 3 chain stitches and then 2 more into the nearest space (gap).
  • One chain stitch, skip one foundation chain stitch and 3 trebles into next chain stitch.. keep going as long as you like.
HTH is clearer.

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