Monday, 2 February 2009

Winter holding on.

I've decided to postphone my personal Imbolc celebration until the weather warms a little - and ok we've been out all day. This morning we walked to the library for Baby Rythme Time; tl'u was not pleased to walk past the swings and slides without having a play but we were late so I made an executive decision to walk on by.

He really enjoyed Baby Rythme Time and then onto my back in the mei tai he went and we popped into Folkestone town centre; the snow was coming down quite heavily so I handed in the proof I needed to at the Council and caught the bus to Morrisons for a small shop and rather than bus it back I made another executive decision to get a taxi back.

Quick pit stop for lunch and change into the waterproofs then over to Q's; seems an age since we walked over, and then in the afternoon we went sledging with Q's son (pictures on previous post) and his friends. It was a wonderful afternoon and tl'u really enjoyed it.

Ohhhhh, and he's singing his first nursery rythme now too "row row row"... that's as much as he sings; but still it's a start! I am a happy, proud mummy! He's becoming quite the chatter box; new words include: the phrase, "What's that?", "snow", "book", "jam", "taxi", "car", "bus", "potty", "poo"; just a few I can remember he's said. He is pretty much repeating every word that's said to him. So yes, mummy very much has to watch her mouth these days.

While at Q's this afternoon and evening I almost finished crocheting my scarf - this cold snap encouraged me to get on with it.. I'm rather pleased, the wool is deliciously soft, if a bit of a pain t o crochet with. It requires feeling one's way along the work rather than looking where to put the hook.

And finally - second night running, tl'u is asleep in his own bedroom. Last night he went in there, went to sleep no problems whatsoever, he cried out about half ten but resettled, so I just went up stairs to bed (and started the scarf) knowing that way if he did woke I'd just be next door. He wandered into my room this morning at ten to eight (hence being late for Baby Rythme Time), all smiles and seemed to be telling me how he'd slept in his room (lots of "uh-ohing" and pointing to his room).

Tonight, we arrived home around half nine and bless, he was absolutely shattered after his very full day; got him changed and up to bed we went, he automatically went to my room, so I just asked if he wanted to sleep in his room and he went in and laid down on his bed, we snuggled and he had a little feed and then into dreamland he went. Bless his cotton socks. I really must get him a duvet for his bed; at the mo he's got a thick fleece blanket, which coupled with his fleece all in one sleeper is warm enough; but I don't know I'd just feel better knowing he has a duvet; plus his Aunt & Uncle sent him a Thomas the Tank Engine duvet cover and he was very taken with it; so I really ought to get it on his bed :)


willow81 said...

Sounds like a good day. I'm loving that scarf. Enjoy spreading out iN that bed- I LOVE it when Monkey's in her cot and DH goes to work and I just SPREAD OUT!!! XX

arwen_tiw said...

For the longest time Jenna used to wander around singing, "Row row row BOAT! Row row row BOAT!" hehe Love it!

Laura said...

Monumentous occasion! Phoebe has yet to venture into her own bed, apart from the odd nap. Hope you are enjoying your space. :)

Earthmummy xx said...

It's so lovely when they take big steps like this on their own initive.

The thomas duvet sounds fab x

Izzi x

Joxy said...

He woke at half four in the morning and came in with me; I am chuffed though, he's doing well.

Last night was an incredibly late night (I'll blog about it later) and when I asked if he wanted to sleep in his room he started to get a bit whingy so I just took him in with me. I am well chuffed with him though. And I feel so much more rested when I dont have little fingers digging in my armpits constantly through the night, looking for a boob to fiddle with. lol