Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Tuesday I had the day at home because of the ice and no trains running. Felt a bit of a fraud calling into work to tell them I wouldn't be in when it was beautiful sunshine and the "icy conditions" didn't actually look as bad as predicted. Still, it was taken out of my hands by lack of trains.

One could say the powers that be had a hand to play as it turned out to be the perfect day for my and the little 'un's Imbolc celebration. The morning was spent happily sat at the table drawing with chalks, glitter pens, felt tip pens, crayons, water colour paints and then posterpaints to create a lovely firery backdrop to the season table representing the fire element of Imbolc. I also began crocheting a flower garland for the table too.

My circle's imbolc celebration was Tuesday night too, so I made bread and plaited the dough and shaped it into a horseshoe shape for the offering. The ritual was lovely and included recognition of a sister adopting her craft name permanently (which does suit her far better). This celebration was at Q's house so the little man stayed up and participated, in a fashion. He certainly enjoyed the "May you never thirst, may you never hunger" part and shoved the bread in his mouth with great gusto.

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday, I even dug out the plasticine (must make salt dough though; the plasticine didn't really feel that nice), which Tl'u loved playing with; we did make a flower, "corn" dolly and a fire for the table; but then after his bath (just before going out to the ritual) he started playing with it and now all the colours are mixed together - it almost looks like a bigger fire.

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Liz said...

Sounds lovely. I'm postponing our Imbolc celebration until we see the first snowdrop. Could be a while this year!