Monday, 2 March 2009

Coastal Park and feeling brave.

Another optician appointment today alls good; pressure in the eyes is now normal and my new specs should be ready next week. Looking forward to new specs it's been so long since I had a new pair; especially nice as I didn't have to pay for them either - woohooo!

I did become a little stressed with Rye in town, he was running around, which is fine its a pedestrian area and not too busy being a Monday but he just wasn't stopping when I asked and being awkward when I tried to hold his hand. He clearly need to run some energy off so I decided to walk along the Leas with him as he could run to his heart content on there. We then walked down the path down the cliff, which did make me a bit nervous with Rye because while there's stones and railings along the edge, the railings wouldn't actually stop a child Rye's size from falling. So I made him hold my hand; he seemed to accept the danger element and held my hand well.

Once down we walked on a bit further to the coastal park, oh now that is a lovely park and it has some sections for littles too. He did need quite a bit of coaxing to come away from the twirling wheels - ok, I had to pick him up and carry him away, protesting loudly. When I asked him to come he just said "no" and then "bye" his way of saying he wants to stay.

We then walked down onto the seafront, this time we were at the pebble beach and there are stone breakers which create sort of coves. The section where I was there was a large stone circle and then a concrete walk way to the sea with beautifully carved benches - I should have taken a photo - doh! Anyway, I noticed that not all the beach is pebble and a small section was sand so took Rye there - he was a bit scared at first because it was very close to the sea. Once I showed him how to throw pebbles into the water he became brave and got really quite close. Very proud of him, he normally squeals and runs away when a wave gets within 20 yards of him! lol. He even considered picking up pebbles that didn't quite get in the water but the tide was coming in so the waves were slowly encroaching on our little sandy section... and he was noticing. Mind, good learning happening, he quickly sussed that if he was to throw a pebble in the water he had to wait for the wave to crash on the beach.

Then it was a fairly long walk back to the harbour to catch a bus. After five minutes Rye was holding his arms up. I had anticipated hiim wanting to be carried so I'd already put the mei tai ,that Sarah made me, on so when he wanted up all I had to was swing him up and tie the straps again. I did curse slightly because I didn't have Rye central and the body of the mei tai got caught under his coat and I heard an ominious ripping sound. The sling felt secure though and as I can't carry Rye without a sling I decided to risk it. OMG, I love the wide straps, Rye felt almost weightless and within minutes again he was fast asleep and no worrying about his head lolliing around because the wide straps and longer body panel supports his neck wonderfully.

Walked to the busstop and caught the bus to my local highstreet and popped in at the post office and posted a parcel, oh and a nosy in a couple of charity shops. I saw some darling little stools, only a tenner each (hand carved with animals on them.. really beautiful and I've seen the exact same in Maidstone for £15! each) so I'll pick those up next week. I also picked up some bits and bobs of yarn; some of it wool mixes I got quite a bit for £2. Then catch the bus again, blah, very busy thankgoodness I had Rye on my back and not in a pushchair, and popped to Tescos for some squash, garlic and bread and then walked home.
Not having Rye central in the mei tai was starting to make it a bit uncomfortable because he was skewered to one side and pushing against the strap so it kept moving down my arm and it just felt a bit unbalanced - he didn't care though, he was happy as larry and not pleased when we finally arrived home and I took him out of it.

Oh, and the ripping sound, just a small section of stitching that came undone so I'll be able to fix that by hand. I just need to make sure I get Rye central in future before I pull the straps up and over to get the body over his bum.

Love that mei tai though, absolutely love it!

And I really want an onbag! lol. I had a fake velvet bag that does expand beautifully... however the fabric isn't very strong and while out with Rye the darn strap broke; thank goodness I had my amazing expanding string bag with me. I can't afford an onbag though so I'm just gonna have to get my bum into gear and start crocheting myself a bag - I'm liking the idea of different motifs and flowers mixed in with beads and buttons. I did take hook and wool out with me but I didn't really have the opportunity to do any crocheting and certainly by the sea I didn't think it wise.


Jax said...

what's an onbag?

Beck said...

Aw it looks so nice where you live! Great photos.