Sunday, 1 March 2009


Last night bedtime was a bit of a battle with Rye.
For some reason he cried everytime he went to sit in the bath; it wasn't too hot because I use a bath thermometer. I had put in some lavender bathsalts (bought ones) and while I've used once before, I do wonder if perhaps there was something in them that felt icky on his skin - he does have a persistent tiny patch of nappy rash, so perhaps it was stinging that?

Then I asked to clean his teeth and he cried "noooo", whined and wouldn't come near me. Unfortunately, I became annoyed with him a couple weeks ago when he wouldn't stop wriggling as I tried to clean his teeth, so I pinned him with one of my legs. Gosh, he screamed hysterically and since then he's been decidedly iffy about letting me clean his teeth.

I stayed calm and allowed him to come to me in his own time and then as he laid face down; just letting me getting the toothbrush in his mouth I made a big deal of saying "thank you for letting me clean your teeth Rye" and then gave him the toothbrush too - he only chews on it - better than nothing though, I hope. Part of me thinking I ought to make him let me clean his teeth because it's important, the other part of thinks they are his milk teeth and while I don't want him getting any decay; better with milk teeth than adult teeth and taking it gently and not forcing the issue will hopefully get him over his teethbrushing phobia and set him up for good oral hygiene later on in life. I make a big deal when I clean my teeth too, telling him how nice and clean my teeth feel and blowing on his saying "minty fresh breath" which makes him giggle. Fingers crossed it works.

His happy in his own room now too; rather cute, he jumps on his bed and then snuggles down, pulling the duvet up to his chin, bless. Much to my shock Thursday night he actually shoved me out of bed and then turned his back on me and went to sleep. I was stunned and just said "Ok, well night then" but he was fast asleep. When he wakes in the morning he knocks on his door - he can let himself out - yet he knocks, I find it very cute if slightly annoying so I do sometimes leave the door ajar when I check on him before I go to bed so all I get is his padding little feet across the laminate, the duvet being flung off me and then his little body snuggling up to me as he latches on for a feed. I love our morning snuggles.

Sleep for me last night was a wary affair however, I slept with the light on, why, because I scared myself watching Bones. It was an episode about a gorgmon canibal who is killing and eating parts of masonic members and itw as revealed all about the master canibal and apprentice and the making of this gruesome skelton...all that though, not so bothered, it was the end of the episode where a cannibal leaps snarling out of a closet to kill one of the masonic members, and the show ended there. It really gave me a start. Daft I know but I was wigged out, I nearly went and slept in with Rye!

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Naomi said...

I just wanted to say Tristan's exactly the same with teeth brushing so recently I noticed someone saying they just let their LO do it themselves but direct them with instructions - I've since tried this and he'll happily brush his own teeth.

I'm hoping in time he'll let me help him again, in the meantime a bit of brushing from him is better than none and much better than the fights we had before to brush his teeth (pinning him down just didn't feel right at all)! xxx