Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday Laziness

This morning was the quintinessential Sunday morning; Rye woke about 4am and came into bed with me and then slept through till about 8:30am (minus a few wakings to latch on from about 7amish). Once he'd completed his marathon nursing session (from both sides - silly me for wondering if he was beginning to wean!) play time ensued. This involved Rye climbing on top of me and I then swaying from side to side until he lost his balance and fell onto the mattress. This was interspersed with tickling sessions and blowing raspberries on each other's stomachs - although Rye would cheekily lift my nightshirt higher so he could cop a quick mouthful of milk now and again.

The sun was steaming through the blinds into my bedroom and my son and I were laid on my bed giggling and lauging and just enjoying being present and together, it was beautiful. I think Rye would have played like that all morning but oh, I so needed a nice hot coffee and breakfast, which being Sunday, I decided would consist of American pancakes. Yum Yum. My friend texted me while we were eating to let me know she'd received "Creepy Cute Crochet" from Amazon, so fo course we had to go and visit and I must buy that book myself, its fab.

Rye once again demonstrated how much he's learning; he would bring me the diluted squash bottle so I could fill his cup and then when asked would put the bottle back in the kitchen. He put rubbish in the bin, he helped me to tidy up at the end of our visit and inspite of incomplete instructions knew it was the crocheted dragon's head I wanted when I was pointing and saying "can you bring me the crocheted thingy Rye?". He also learned the words "Horsey" and "Rest". Yep, my friend was playing horsey with him; he'd sit on her legs and she'd bounce him up and down singing the Horsey Horsey rhythm... I think she may have regretted starting the game as Rye is a big fan and would play games of that ilk for hours on end... hence learning "rest" as my friend kept saying "Horsey has to rest now," hehehe, I imagine someone might have tender stomach muscles in the morning.

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