Thursday, 5 March 2009


Yesterday Rye spent the day with his dad, I collected him after work and all seemed fine.
The oddness began once I took Rye to bed. Into his bedroom he went, snuggled down under his duvet, nursed but wasn't falling asleep, so I kissed him on the forehead, said "sweet dreams little man", and left the room, turning all lights off. Came downstairs, made myself a cuppa, gave a long sigh of relief and sank into my chair...

Five minutes later I was upstairs trying to calm an hysterical little boy who was desperate to get out of his room. Took him into my bedroom and he spent the night with me, and gawd what a night. He woke frequently, crying and then he'd fling himself into my arms and suddenly be snoring his head off again. If I moved away, turned onto my stomach etc, he'd sit bolt upright, start crying and try to push me onto my side, then he'd curl up in my arms again and go back to sleep. I have no idea what instigated this odd behaviour. On the one hand I wonder if it was night terrors as he didn't seem properly awake; on the other hand I can't help wondering what went on with his Dad?

He does seem to have gone to bed ok tonight. Took him up not long after arriving home as it was way past his bedtime (grrr trains) and while it did take a little while for him to drop off, despite being obviously very tired, once he was asleep I was able to leave the room. He does seem to have developed a dislike of having his sleeping bag on; had to take that off last night and tonight he made a bit of a fuss about the duvet - indeed last night he wouldn't have it on either which worried me as it was pretty cold.

I don't know, I don't have any ideas really; just odd behaviour and seems a little too conincidental that it happens after he spend a day with his father.


arwen_tiw said...

Morgan has (rarely) had night terrors in the last few months - just waking totally disorented and not wanting to do anything except sob holding tightly onto my head (no idea).

However my other suggestion is that he has perhaps been time-outed? After the first time I totally lost my temper with Jenna and shut her in her room she wouldn't be separated from me for about 48 hours afterwards and had a total panic if I tried to walk away from her. From his Dad's previous discipline attempts would this make sense for Rye?

Naomi said...

Tristan acts like that when he's just about to come down with something. Usually when we've had a night like that, the next day he has a fever or a cold or something like it. Is that a possibility? (Obviously I don't know Rye's Dad but it could equally have something to do with that) They're sensitive little souls these toddlers (hugs) xxx

Joxy said...

I did wonder if my ex had prehaps tried to get rye into his old bedroom, perhaps for a nap or something and my ex does go for the mainstream methods of discipline.

Mmm, yeah Naomi, for the past couple of mornings he's sounded really wheezy with a barky cough; he coughs quite a bit on first waking and then as the morning moves on he goes back to being perfectly normal. His bedding is new there's nothing in his room, as far as I can tell that he could be reacting too.. and anyway the other night he was in with me. So yeah, he might be brewin something too.

Blah - I suppose I'm gonna have to ask his dad what they did together to see if I can peice ti together. That will be a fun conversation.