Wednesday, 1 April 2009

1st day of the rest of my life.

What a lovely day. The sun is blazing, the breeze isn't too chilly and Rye and I have had a lot of fun this morning. The girls came round for Circle last night and because of the clocks going forward Rye wasn't going to sleep at 7pm, so I decided he could just stay up, its no biggy and he adored showing off for the ladies. Such a charmer. This did mean a very late night and much to my suprise he slept until quart to ten this morning.

Breakfast was toast with chocolate spread and multigrain hoops (toast and marmalde for me) and then he played with the wretched plastic police car; thankfully he did move onto playing with his brio cars and the suspension bridge and then he wanted to draw. Too nice a day to spend indoors though and while the beach did beckon, the garden was also scolding me silently for neglecting it. So, I got out the millions of softballs and popped them in his tent and left him to giggle, dive and generally cover the garden in plastic balls, while I got on with weeding. Every so often the little tyke would throw a ball at me or leap on me - he did manage to throw a few on my head. Monkey.

Suprising how a bit of weeding can build up an apetite, we had marmite and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and Rye also had raisins and dried apricots. Quicky nappy change and upstairs for a breastfeed and a nap for him. I wasn't sure if he would nap but once I prised that gawd awful police car out of his hands, he settled down and peacefully slipped into dreamland. I dont oftne take him upstairs for a nap but now I'm home all the time I think for both our sanities it is best that we both have some quiet time during the day and it will also make the childminding easier - I hope, if I can also instigate an after lunch nap with my minded children.

I confess to being a little nervous about the taking on a couple more toddlers; in the main going out and about with them; Rye can be a handful sometimes and it is a bit scary thinking of having 3. I will have put in place a policy that children under say 5 must wear reins or a wrist strap when out and about with me - if not in a pushchair. I think some of nervousness comes also from not having a car and knowing that wherever we go has to be within walking distance or its public transport. I suppose its all about setting firm boundaries from the start and practising those boundaries with short trips before progressing to longer trips.... still any tips greatly appreciated!


willow81 said...

Congratulations hon as you embark on this exciting new stage in your family life!

Joxy said...

Thanks hon :) Ohhhh, I'm so excited.. its only taken me 27 months to work it so I can be a sahm! lol Fabulous.


Arlenkern74 said...

all the best for your new start xx

lilac73 said...

Good luck for your new start. One of the childminders near us insists on them holding onto the pushchair, she takes a double buggy with two in to pick up one from one playschool, walks to the other end of the village to collect another one and it all seems to work

Becky said...

Your first day sounds fun, how exciting!

I am sure you'll be fine with the toddlers - could you try to get a range of ages, maybe a baby or one year old and a four year old or something so it's not a gaggle of two year olds :-)

Joxy said...

I probably will end up with a range, I'm rather hoping for a baby and another toddler as that will make it a bit easier I think but another 2 toddlers would be great too and be good company for Rye. I may take on a couple before and after school too - or maybe only during school holidays - not sure on this yet as part of me thinks avoiding having to do the school run will give me more options for activities and outings. Although, chances are at some point the toddlers will become school age lol.