Monday, 13 April 2009

Guests and Faery Festival - 2

What a fabulous weekend. I have enjoyed myself immensly and the little man has been on cloud 9.
I am always a little nervous when first meeting people because there's always a chance that there won't be that friendship chemistry and I am useless at small talk. No need to worry, Sarie, Colin and Alice are absolutely lovely and many a hour was spent chatting, watchin the children play and of course attending the Faery Festival.

Rye took an instant liking for Colin and pestered him to death for attention. I did feel quite emotional watching Rye interact with Colin and the utter love and devotion Colin has for his daughter. Rye's dad is missing so much - and so is Rye too; thankfully we have in our lives many wonderful people who love and adore Rye.

The Faery Festival was rather fab too. Saturday was very busy, which made getting around difficult - even using the slings. The hall was very hot too. Belly Dancing workshop was brilliant, loved it - even if I did feel very ungainly and had to sit down toward the end because I was shattered. And yep I ache a bit today :) The faeries there were wonderful, some of the wings were incredible.

Rye loved the festival too; although this year was much more tiring with him. Last year he was in the sling mostly and while carrying him for such a long time was tiring - the constant vigilence of a very mobile toddler was exhausting, thank goodness local friends were with us as well as Colin and Sarie to help me keep tabs on him. I was astounded by the sheer energy this little man has. He collected himself a harem of little girls and spent an age running up and down with them, inciting them to chase him. It was lovely to see; although bless, he did get very very hot and sweaty, and for once, getting him to have a drink was a bit difficult because he was having so much fun.

Sunday was lovely too, a more leisurely start to the day so we all had a chance to recover from Saturday and then back to the festival for another look around and to watch a few more acts. The hall was much cooler because there weren't as many people, so looking around the stalls was a bit easier too. There was some lovely tut, I could have spent a fortune, had I had a fortune to spend lol. I satisfied myself with buying a few "magical" herbs.

I was very impressed with the way Rye played with Alice too, for the most part he was very gentle, sharing, sometimes without even being asked to; taking turns, it was lovely. He did sometimes get a bit jealous and try to take things off her, or shove her out of the way; but in the main he played beautifully and was gentle and kind. Oh, and Alice, she is utterly gorgeous, beautiful skin, blue eyes and red hair... and the festival and fresh air tired her out so much on the Saturday that she slept through, which Sarie was most appreciative of :)) She seemed to enjoy playing with Rye too; although sometimes he was a bit boisterous for her; but then he must have seemed quite big too.

Ohhh and I finally got to meet the twins :) I've only met Sarah Jane a few times but we've talked slings, breastfeeding etc for hours and so to finally meet her twins and see her and her hubby wearing the babies and to hear how much she's enjoying breastfeeding was a delight.
And actually, the Faery Festival was almost a sling convention! 3 of us were using ring slings, Sarah Jane and hubby had carry me closer slings and we saw a lady with a bjorn type sling. I've never seen so many people wearing slings in public before, it was marvelous.

After the festival on Sunday, Sarie and Colin packed up, chatted some more, watched the children play in the garden - sadly I didn't get any photos, wish I had because there was a lovely kodak moment when Alice was playing with the colourful softplay balls and sand bucket - it just looked so pretty particularly with the gorgeous faery dress she was wearing. And she had a go on the trampoline too (one of the times Rye got a bit jealous). Then sadly it was time for them to leave; the house seemed very quiet and empty. I don't think Rye understood they were going home because this morning he ran outside looking for their tent and seemed a bit confused.

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend.


sarie said...

Hi there,
tell Rye we'll be back soon and are thinking of you both(and thank you for having us and putting up with my insesant drivle).

Joxy said...

Oh it was pleasure, I love having company and Rye certainly adores it too :)

Feel free to come back any time; even if you want a long weekend at the beach or Goddess festival in August etc.