Sunday, 17 May 2009

My list.

Sarah's blog on Carried Family has inspired me to think about changes that I'd like to make but haven't so far got around to, or simply gone backwards with.

1. Go back to using my cloth nappies. When we went to the Beltane camp in Scotland I picked up some disposables as space was a premium in the car and I've been using them since because Rye only really has one on if we go out or for bed. Nonetheless, using disposables has increased the amount of rubbish I'm putting out for landfill expotentially. I did try telling myself it was trade off against not doing as much washing; but as I only need to do a nappy wash once or twice a week its a sorry excuse for a trade off.

2. Plan an activity or outing with Rye each day. He is fabulous at self entertaining and playing happily with his toys with little input from me and while free play is important I think its important for us to do something fun together each day too. All too often his self play is an excuse for me to spend far too long on the laptop. And if we don't go out; then some of the day should be spent outside in the garden; regardless of the weather.

3. Involve him more in cooking. I do bake quite a bit with him, it would be nice though to involve him more in day to day cooking and food preparation.

4. Dedicate a couple of evenings to crochet or other craft activities once Rye is in bed. Too often I spend hours nosing around forums, blogs or watching TV via the laptop. I can still watch TV via the laptop if I'm crocheting; and it would make it so much more productive. So, I shall dedicate Thursdays (as Mentalist is on a Thursday and I do quite like the programme) and Sundays; dunno, just seems appropriate.

5. Reading and looking at numbers every day; along with anything else that has sparked his interest.

6. Take Rye to Toddler Group on a Thursday. My ex CM use to take him and she reported he really loved it.

7. I now have pretty much unfettered accecss to a car until my friend passes her car test, however, I do NOT want to get into the habit of using it for things I would normally catch the bus for or walk to. Save it primarily for going places that are difficult to reach via public transport.

8. Say "Yes" more. I seem to say "no" a lot, often without really thinking about it.

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shazronnie said...

These sound like a great set of goals to work on. I especially like number 8 and think I too could benefit from saying yes instead of responding in the negative.