Monday, 15 June 2009


Desperately needed. Since the Badman Review came out I have spent an inordinate amount of time reading through emails, posting links, emailing mps, answering the consultation, surveys and what not. Somewhat ironically, it means I've been neglecting Rye a little and just letting him get on with playing while I tap away at the keyboard.

So from tomorrow I am going to limit myself to evenings on the laptop, which will be hard for me, I do so like to have a quick check of emails etc first thing but it does means that sometimes I end up being online far longer than I planned.

So once I ascend up to bed I shall take the laptop with me and leave it in my bedroom. One of the benefits of wireless range working in my bedroom, I don't have to have the laptop downstairs and out of sight out of mind.

Bearing in mind that Rye has spent most of the day entertaining himself, I made myself stop reading the vast amount of emails the Yahoo Action Against Badman Review group is generating and popped ot the shops for a few bits before closing and then we had a snack and popped over to Queenies. Rye loved it. I kicked a ball around with him, played with lego, drawing, we had fun showing him how to slurp up spaghetti etc. He loved it and oh it was nice to put aside the worry for a few hours and just enjoy being with my son.

And to get a little perspective too, the review is damn worrying, but it will require primary legislation to be changed, and the statutory stuff can't be done until after the consultation, so there is a bit of breathing space and for the moment nothing has changed, getting into a frenzy too early risks burnout.

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Becky said...

I sometimes have to step back from the computer too, and once done it's easy.

Hope you have a great day today with Rye!