Monday, 15 June 2009

Paint, glue and glitter.

Blah, I keep forgetting the order in which blogger loads photos up.

Nevermind, I decided this morning it was time to start summerising the season table (and remove the clutter that had started to build up)

After a successful breakfast, where Rye spooned his cereal all by himself; undoubtedly helped by the decision to start eating up at the table again, the paints, glue, glitter, pasta and paper plates came out.

Rye's excitement was palatable, which piqued some parental guilt, since buying the easel I've not really sat down and done any drawing or painting with him, sure, I've drawn and written on the easel for him, but this boy loves the paint.
He loves squidging it between his fingers, rubbing it all over the paper, sticking his fingers in it and watching it run down his hand, and covering every conceivable part of his body with splodges of paint.

Most of the paper plates he painted he just covered in an orangey goo of paint (limited him to 3 colours, orange, yellow and red). Still, I'll leave those one to dry and we do some more sticking and gluing later, or tomorrow.

The plate hanging from from a piece of string in the 1st picture of the season table was a concerted effort. My idea was to create the sun rays with the pasta shells and then Rye could paint and stick to decorate. I forgot, little boys aren't known for their patience, so some pasta got stuck down, but not quite how I planned. Still, I rather like it, and Rye looked very pleased with himself.
Quickly going off topic, the lip balm is courtesy of the talented and clever Izzy - thank you hon, it's gorgeous, and the smell - strawberry and white chocolate, yum yum.

The flower fairy below was a request kindly filled by Shell
Isn't she beautiful :) I almost wish it was Yule now so she could be sitting proudly on the season table. Rye is very taken with her too, he picked her and the daffodil faery up and sat chattering away to them.

And finally, the plate of pasta, paint, glitter and glued on bits of tinsel.

Then after painting, the pencils and a large sheet of paper came out. Rye wanted to me write the numbes 1-10 down and he counted it out as I wrote. Then we drew moons and stars and he counted those too. Then he wanted me to write some his favourite letters from the alphabet and then he had a go too.

I particularly enjoyed sitting in the front garden with picking dandelions (well actually, they look like dandelions but the stem is more fibrous than dandelions, so not quite sure what they are, but pretty anyway) and making dandelions chain. I didn't stay out front too long though as Rye was in his birthday suit and covered with paint. I don't mind him running naked in the back garden that is nicely secluded; but the front makes me a bit uncomfortable. We picked extra flowers too for the cauldron. Rye wasn't that interested in making pretty dandelion chains, no, he was more interested in tearing the flower heads to shreds and sprinkling the petels etc all over his little table. I had to control the urge to snap and tell him not to do that. But, he's learning and he was having fun and clearly loving all the activities done together.

Then before I knew it, it was 2pm and time for lunch (we got up very late this morning). Again sitting at the table Rye ate half a cheese sandwich, some crisps and a strawberry fromage frai and the gorgeous Rock Organic squash! The orange is delicious. I have picked up the Blackcurrent one too, which I've not tried yet. After lunch, upstairs for quiet time, read a few books, bit of a breastfeed and then I quietly left the room while he continued looking at books. It's all quiet now, so I assume he's asleep.... and looking at the time, time he was up.

Today, has been just what we both needed. The HE review has scared the pants off me and there was a bit of headless chicken and trying to read and respond to every email, link, survey, suggestion etc and somewhat ironically Rye was been neglected a bit. And putting the laptop in my bedroom was a brilliant idea - most definitely out of sight and out of mind.


Arlenkern74 said...

i'm so glad you have had a lovely day, just what you both needed x

mummybear said...

Anither fan of Rock organic here!

I love the flower fairy!!


Stephanie said...

Fun projects!
I love the paint/pasta chaos :), and the altar with shredded flowers is nice to.
SOmetimes it's hard (well, usually for me) to not get upset over upset plans that do not include shred/destructive/that's-not-the-way-I-wanted-it, but it's such a happy occasion when I do remember, and everyone is happy.
I choose to feel good...
I choose to feel good...
I choose to feel good...