Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Grrr, grrrr and more Grrrrr.

I am absolutely wriggling with frustration that I cannot find my camera lead to upload the photos from the weekend in the Forest of Dean, and further photos I've taken since. 

Remember me moaning about some yarn I'd ordered and hadn't arrived; well it did yesterday,  finally.  And already I've started a new dishcloth - well, the dishwasher is on the blink again and I decided if I'm gonna have to  hand wash up, I might as have something colourful and joyful to wash up with.  So I've started a dishcloth using a ball of the feista cotton; using the alternative spike stitch pattern.  I'm not entirely sure about the stitch pattern with the rainbow coloured yarn; although the more I do the more it grows on me.    Ohhh, and the noro yarn, oh my gosh it's beautiful - expensive, but beautiful; I'm tempted to buy a few more skeins to make myself the hooded scarf in the latest Inside Crochet magazine.

Anyhoo, I shall keep searching for the blasted camera lead, and hopefully, it will turn up soon.


LauraPinkFaery said...

Dover sewing centre has some nice noro and other yarns for £2.99 a skein at the moment in a bargin bin. I've got some lovely bits in there recently.

Joxy said...

Ohhhh, thank you for the tip, Laura. I shall have to pop over very soon and have a nosey!

Cya tomorrow night?

LauraPinkFaery said...

Unfortunately I won't be able to go to the moot tonight, since I have work at 5am on Thursday :( But hopefully will see you all soon.

Susie said...

Sounds lovely - good luck finding the lead so we can see it all :-)

Becks said...

Blacksheepwools often have Noro on good discount too.
What a nuisance about the camera lead. Look forward to seeing photos of the latest meet up.

Valerie said...

I found the cordless phone wrapped in my knitting this morning and Oscar found a beloved little toy down his pyjama leg, looks like we are having a lost and found day, good luck finding the camera lead if you are anything like us!

Dawn said...

Glad you got your cotton, lovely colour isn't it? And oh yes Noro is just gorgeous - keep an eye out online too fir some occasional bargains. I'm experimenting with spinning singles in the style of Noro.
Hooded scarf in Noro sounds lovely.


Joxy said...

Laura - shame, we will have to do something soon, been ages since I've seen everyone. Turns out not able to attend tonight afterall, Rye is being very fractious with his cold; so not the best of time to leave him with a babysitter.

Hehehe Becks, dare I go look? I just spent £20 last night buying some yarn that Arwen_twi showed me at the meet up - gorgeous stuff.. and shockingly its acrylic too - so soft though. I do seem incapable of walking past or online browsing a yarn shop without spending at least £20.

Valerie - I found the lead under the pouffe in the end. I really did think it was in my room though, and yup went through the wool boxes... which tooks forever because of my above affliction lol.

Dawn - hmmm the Noro is gorgeous, I'm almost too scared to use it. LOL.