Sunday, 21 June 2009

Summer Solstice.

This is the sun season table swap gift I recieved, isn't it gorgeous. Rye is very taken with it and keeps saying "Mummy, sun, yell-low". I don't know who I received it from though - so if you read my blog - thank you, we love it!

This is the flower and bird wall hanging I made as my swap gift :)
I was a little nervous about it because at first the flowers and birds kept twisting round to the wrong side, while others stayed right side. Then I remembered the coloured lollipop sticks I have and hey presto, it worked as I hope. I think I will have to make myself a few of these to hang around the house.

And the dog portrait for Devonmama, commissioned as a Fathers' Day gift. I do hope the daddy in question liked it :)

And the Solstice. It has been a stupendous day. Getting up at stupid oclock (3:45am) was not easy, but once we arrived down at the beach the thrill of the gathering and celebration took hold. It was a beautifully simply, yet powerful ritual and sitting around the cauldron watching the flames burn as the sun rose was memerising. Rather than use salt dough to make little sculptures decorated with natural bits and bats that would then be placed around the beach to be taken back by the tide once she came in; we decided to make little sand sculptures instead.

Sadly, some of the ladies had to work so we didn't linger as long as perhaps we would have. Queenie and I made our way back to her house and we consumed coffee and toast. Rye woke up not long after arriving back. I had tried to wake him to take him with us, but bless he was out to the world so I decided to leave him to sleep, and Queenie's teenage son got up and laid on the sofa downstairs in case the little man woke up.

The very early morning (coupled with too late a night), soon caught up to us and we retired for a nap. Boobs worked their magic again and Rye was soon back asleep, snoring softly. The rest of the day has alternated by being outside playing with Rye, watching cookery programmes on Tv and Queenie and I collaborating in the Kitchen to produce a delicous Lentil "Shepherd" Pie with a side of broccoli, followed by grilled fresh pineapple, vanilla icecream and tia maria syrup. Oh, so good.

The perfect day, the Craft intimitately and naturally weaved into everyday living, company of fabulous friends, happy, half naked toddler running around and gastronomic delights. What more could a girl ask for?

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Arlenkern74 said...

fantastic gifts i love the sun and your mobile hope it was well received x i have really enjoyed my solstice too x