Saturday, 20 June 2009

Dover Multicultural Festival.

A lovely day out. I went along to support my friend Queenie, who is a Youthworker and was helping out. Kent Pagans were also there looking fabulous and generating a lot of interest. I love these people, they are immensley friendly and welcoming, yet wonderfully protective too.

Folkestone has a dodgy coven, which from reports, is little more than a sex cult and they are trawling for new female members. A few had turned up at the Dover Moot, and one very manly and impressive Heathen gave a very swooning warning on what would happen if any of the ladies at the Moot were approached. Gawd, he's lovely. The "gentlemen" from the coven quietly left not long after.

Anyhoos, the festival. It was a lovely day, some great acts, lovely singing, particularly from Debbie, a young girl who attends the YMCA, goodness, that girl has a fantastic voice. Rye, doing his bit for diversity, ran around and around the water fountain in the Market Square with a little guerka girl. Neither were very happy when we intervened because it was hometime. Queenie had to carry Rye away and the dad carry the little girl. Bless. I love how easily Rye makes friends, and if only everyone could be as oblivious to race as very young children are; no prejudices, no hatred, no ignorance. All Rye cares about is that his playmate runs around and giggles having fun with him. How much nicer the world would be if everyone was like that :)

And now we need to pack our pjs and get over to Queenie's so we are up at stupid o'clock for the sunrise. :)

Solstice Blessings.


michel said...

I totally agree, my daughter is 4 and her best friend at playgroup is this sweet little Indian girl. She came home one day and told me, quite plainly, that she had realised that her friend was different to her. Why is that I asked, her reply was "she wears different shoes to me", lol.

I love how pure their thoughts are and how they see all other children as their equals regardless.

Blessings )O(

willow81 said...

Enjoy your solstice celebrations, I hope it's a beautiful sunrise for you. Sounds like a lovely day at the festival too xx