Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Pants Update.

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. The laptop had a moment, I tried to fix it and it had a more serious moment that required sending it off and getting the "nice man" to fix it. It arrived back today - woohooo.

I do have a few things to update on, Rye's verbal skills for one, wow they have taken off..... which reminds me..... arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh I forgot to ring the HV to sort out an appointment for his 21/2 year development assesment. Blah, there are only certain times one can make an appointment and I keep forgetting. Perhaps life is telling me something lol.

So pants.

Well, it's improving after I made a change in how I approach the whole thing. Rather than asking him if he needs the loo, which invariably entails him saying "Noooooo" - even if he does, now I just tell him I need a wee and I need him to come with me. Although, at home he does go pretty reliably by himself, after first seeking pants pulled down.

Its when we're out at friends or in town that wetness can occur, so the just taking him to the loo and seeing if he needs to go is working far better than asking him. My friend bribed him with chocolate buttons, I don't wholly approve; but I confess he didn't wet his pants that day and the next rather than him getting chocolate buttons, I simply encouraged him to use the loo by negotiating the number of songs we'd sing when he got back.... I'm looking on it as him learning how to barter.

I would love to write so much more; but I am playing chaueffuer (sp?) tonight so I need to try and get the little man in bed before the babysitter arrives...

Have a lovely evening folks :-)


Earthmummy xx said...

Hello! We missed you!

Joxy said...

Ohhh I've missed you all too! :)

And, I never did get to be chauffeur, Rye wouldn't go to sleep. Went up to see if he'd gone to sleep at 9 (after bfing and laying beside him since 7:30pm - 8:30pm) and discovered he'd put the Lara Croft, TombRaider on the dvd and was watching that! Cheeky monkey.

So change of plans, friend is poppoing around for a chinwag and a cuppa.

Naomi said...

Missed you Joxy!

Children have an in-built radar I'm sure, if you're planning to go out, they don't go to sleep - happens 90% of the time to me! xxx