Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday Tea.

Jenny and I have started a tradition that Rye and I go round to her house for sunday tea. One week she cooks, the next week I cook. This week Jen cooked, she did mash potatoe, green beans and delicious veggie bakes and I took round a lemon meringue for dessert.

First though, we popped to the Firs for a drink and to meet up with some other friends. Rye had a grand time playing with J's five year old son, and another family there with their children. He played ball with them and was very sweet; although I had to intervene when he kept taking the ball off a newly toddling kiddy and show him how to take turns kicking the ball.

Then back to Jen's for tea and afterwards we laid on her lawn while Rye played. He's suprisingly good at kicking a ball around and quite accurate with his aim. Although he did kick it into the bush, lol watching him trying to reach it was amusing; but eventually he asked for help. However, he did also up end Jen's chillie's that were potted in an old children wheel barrow. Unforunately, neither of us saw him doing it until he suddenly ran past with the wheel barrow. Ooops.

Then the old tradition of watching TV cookery programmes ensued, I must have fallen akip on the sofa because I suddenly heard J's husband shouting for Rye - he was upstairs bouncing on their bed. Amusingly too, J's husband told Rye not to touch the fan and he had a bit of a grouch then ran up to J's husband and said "You said NO".

Later Rye was downstairs running around, climbing on top of me and managed to catch me in the face with his foot, I told him "ow that really hurt," and with no prompting at all he said "Sorry Mummy," I was so proud :-)

Now, he's watching Shrek 2 before bed. He's only recently come to enjoy the feature length animated movies. He's so far seen both Shreks and Ice Age, but didn't seem too fussed about Beauty and the Beast (my personal favourite.)

It's been a nice lazy day, Rye has been a little off though, quickly getting mardy if asked to do something or not, which has required some creative requesting and instructing so not to incur the face and an insolent "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo". Sigh. He seems quite tired today though, so I've tried to relax and try not to react negatively, as it only makes it worst anyway.


Mel said...

Sounds like a lovely tradition...and a lovely day was had!!

I LOVE Beauty and The Beast also....definitely my fave although Aladdin is great as well - great music and Robin Williams as the Genie is amazing!!

The B and the B Christmas one is good too...;)

laura said...

Good to see the shoes on Rye, does he like them?
They look good!

Joxy said...

Yeah he seems too. I was a bit gutted because his feet are obviously bigger than I thought so these won't last long - but after seening how gorgeous softstar shoes are in real life I am willing to fork out for another pair once I've got him measured.

They just looks so comfy and lovely!