Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tremendous Tuesday.

Ok, nothing "tremendous" about today really, I just fancied using that as a title. :-)

We woke up rather late again, me waking first for once. Rye has developed the habit of getting up and putting a dvd on if I'm not awake too. I love the self raliance and that he can keep himself entertained but I'm not overly keen on the increased dvd watching. Especially, as this evening he kept saying "bed, bed, bed" and I was really chuffed thinking he was asking to go to bed...... nope, he wanted to go up to bed to watch TV. (TV is in my room). Mmm, think I will look at ways to limit dvd watching it's becoming a bit too habit for my liking.

When Rye did wake he wanted boob and to clamber over me, jump on the bed, and generally be very giddy. Once the bouncing on the bed start to become irritating I decided it was time to get downstairs and make some banana pancakes accompanied by apple slices. Rye really enjoyed them and asked for seconds; "Um, (lipsmacking) nana pancakes, yes, please". Bless him. Very pleased with how is verbal skills are developing. I love the lipsmacking too, he does it when he's trying to think of the word he's trying to say, and oh gawd, it's unbelievably cute!

After pancakes I read for a bit, (Idle Parent - cue much muttering, snorting and desire to throw the book across the room - coupled with nodding in agreement - finding this book really conflicting.. basic idea I agree with, some of his notions though I find very, very offensive, even appalling. For example, exhorting leaving very young toddlers to go on holiday as a good way to break the "apron ties" and quoting a mum blaming herself that previously her child had being "clingy", "whiney" and difficult to put to bed. Mmm.), Rye drew on the large piece of paper that I now leave on his table all the time, along with his pencils, then he played with his wooden cars, helped me to tidy up a bit and then we played in the garden for a while.

Having texted my landlady to let her know the outside tap is dripping badly and her reply that she would get it sorted for me, I decided I better get on with some gardening. The front was a real mess; large spikey dandelion like plants had erupted through the gravel on the drive and looked awful, along with chickweed type plant everywhere and something that looked a little like Thyme but isn't. Rye ran around me while I pulled up weeds, trying to avoid the spikey leaves and stems from touching my skin, because it felt like it could be an irritant. He also climbed onto my back a couple of times and once onto my shoulders, which freaked me out because I was worried he would tumble off and hit his head on the paving stones. The neighbours must have thought I was nuts laid in the gravel while Rye jumped up and down on my back. Then I ventured into the spider infested shed for the mower. This entailed the removal of the tunnel, bike and large dumper truck, much to Rye's approval and me getting a hairful of spiders - eek. I really ought to sort the shed out; but those darn spiders tend to mean I don't particularly want to spend much time in there, perhaps I'll wait until winter when there won't be so many.

It's been a bright sunny day, with a stiff breeze, which I think masked just how warm it was; by the time I'd mowed the little bit of lawn at the front I was caked in sweat and in desperate need of a sit down and a cuppa. Before I knew it, it was time for tea. I made slaw pasta; shredded lettuce, cabbage, carrot, apple, lemon rind, apple, lemon juice, ranch dressing and a bit of mayo, mixed together and then some pasta added. I though it tasted very nice; although not convinced at the addition of pasta. Think it would have been better to have buttery, garlic pasta with a side serviing of slaw. Rye fell asleep in the chair so he didn't have any and I decided to take advantage of his nap to enjoy a long relaxing bath. Cor, pure bliss, I can't remember the last time I had the opportunity to just lay back in warm, gentle sloshing water and allow my mind to wander.

Then time to pick my friend up for a good ole chinwag, another friend popped in later after her work and then I dropped the first friend off at home and then took Rye up to bed. He's snoring softly beside me now. He's going through a stage of prefering to sleep in with me. It's fine, I decided a while back that I wouldn't fuss where he slept, solong he did and when I did try him in his room the other night he got very upset only settling once I laid beside him and held his hand - no actually, he held mine. I tried to leave once he was asleep but he stirred and became very upset saying, "Mummy, nooooo, Mummy, carr-eee," so I asked him if he'd like to sleep in with me, and he said yes. Tonight he insisted on holding my hand again; but because he's in with me, he's not stirred when I've moved away. He'll sleep in his room when he's ready.

I am actually considering swapping rooms with him. His room is much much smaller than mine; basically I'd get my double bed in there and that's about it. But I am thinking as my room is so much bigger and his room has been approved for minded children, that actually giving him the bigger bedroom would be a good idea. It would certainly mean in the winter I'd have a larger space for him and minded children to play on those days when going out isn't particularly attractive - there's also the advantage that the loo is just across the landing too. I dunno though, not entirely sure I want to give up my bedroom.

His dad called today and arranged to have Rye tomorrow, so I'll use that time to get my room sorted - I was lucky enough to get a small bookcase from freecycle and I have another small bookcase available now too; it will be nice to have some of my books unpacked and around me. And I think it will give me a better idea of whether I do want to "sacrifice" my bedroom. On the one hand it will be the one room in the house where minded children will not be allowed, so it will be my sanctuary, a place where I can have my more overt pagany belongings out and also have enough room to have my easel set up so I get on with painting. I started a painting of Rye when I was still in the flat and I haven't touched it since - it's now sliently reproaching me for my neglect at the other side of the room.

Initially, when considering using my room as a "playroom", I did ponder the feasibility of setting up my easel too; but I would have to take it down each day, artist paints are toxic and the easel it's self is not that stable affair, yet it's heavy, were it to fall on a child it would really hurt. Mmm, I think I've kinda decided really. In affect I'm turning most of my home into a business; it would be nice to have a large enough room where I can relax and have my things around me; plus the room is big enough to have a small area set aside for Rye and those toys which I think would be nice to be kept solely for him. I think keeping a space that is solely for us is important; he is going to have share so much. His toys, his home, and, of course, me; keeping my room our "special" place, is I think important.

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