Saturday, 4 July 2009


Going to Essex tomorrow to visit V. Really looking forward to it, haven't seen V for ages. My only concern is she has dogs and Rye is a bit nervous for some reason. He's seen the dogs before and being fine but when I went to Scotland for Beltain he screamed and screamed at our friend's dog and wouldn't let me put him down. By the end of the weekend he had found his bravery and was starting to stroke her but he was still nervous...and this dog is much smaller than V's German Shepherd. She has a border collie too, lovely animal.

Right better go and get some sleep as I need to be up early as we're going at lunchtime now, so have a lot to do before we set off.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, myself, I'm looking forward to V's swimming pool - will be interesting to see how Rye reacts too as it's a proper above ground pool. If I think on I'll chuck is small paddling pool in the boot.

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