Monday, 10 August 2009

I'm loving freecycle.

Vanilla and morella cherry muffins, yum yum.

Freecycle goodies; a bike helmet, a juggling set that included juggling balls, rings and scarves. A bat and ball game, which also has chess and whatever that other game is - the pieces are a bit too small for me to comfortably let Rye play with them but they'll keep until he's older.

And finally the craft set, it's flowerpots, picture frames, coasters and trays all to be decorated. How fab eh. It is specifically for the childminding to do with kiddies when Ihave them, as the lady passing this treasure on did ask for it to go to playgroups or the like. I emailed and told her I was just starting out as a childminder and I'd love the craft stuff and here we go :-)

Right, I have bread proving, which with any luck will be ready for knocking down and shaping.. and I must check on that little man of mine, he went upstairs for a wee and hasn't come back down.... it's very quiet too...mmm


Jax said...

quiet is rarely good when children are around!

Great haul there. Got a knitting machine off our freecycle yesterday, looking forward to giving it a go.

lilac73 said...

Is it Ludo?

Great treasure by the way

Arlenkern74 said...

what fantastic finds xx lucky you x

Lyndsey said...

What a find!

Be weary of any quiet moments with children right?!

Becky said...

Great finds!

My daughter does just the same, sneaks off upstairs saying its for the loo but doesnt come back down and I end up with a wet bathroom floor and a happy girl splashing in the sink lol