Thursday, 13 August 2009

Blowing away the cobwebs.

The financial worries have been getting a bit on top of me the past few days, so I've been hibernating a bit and feeling sorry for myself. Poor Rye was going a bit stir crazy stuck inside with an apathetic mother, so I decided the day at the beach was required to blow the cobwebs away and its worked a treat.

Rye, bless him, really found his bravery and went in the sea with his "Aunty" S. I was so suprised and proud. He started off letting splashing a little in the wave left as it starts to retreat, until he was running in and splashing, then running back out. He followed me in a ways too, he lost his balance a few times and after the briefest of panics, he was back in the water laughing. He insisted we took turns going in the sea with him.

He commandeered this large sand hole and his Aunty S made a channel for the incoming tide. Wow, he loved it, splashing and jumping in the sea.

I heard the chair scraping on the floor and went to investigate and found Rye on the worktops trying to put together the magimix. Seems he already understands that it has have the bowel and lid on before the buttons will work. I am discouraging climbing onto the worktops because he could easily knock the kettle on and burn himself, or even crawl onto the hob. He understands hot but being an exploratory toddler what he knows often goes out the window when he's involved in adventure.

And, the day at the beach accomplished its goal. The cobwebs have been blown away and I'm feeling much more positive again. Plus, I am receiving some help in the interim for the rent (woohoo), and when we arrived home this evening, I discovered the forms from the County Council so I can put my details on the Children's Information Service website, so I'll get those filled out in the morning and then posted later when I take Rye down to the GPs. I've booked him an appointment because I need a referral to the hospital optician to check his eyes and I've noticed that one of his feet turns quite markedly inwards when he's walking, hence the constant falling down, he is quite literally, tripping over his own feet. Not sure what they can do for that but I can inquire.

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