Saturday, 29 August 2009

Kent Pagan Camp

At lunchtime, Rye, Q, J and myself drove over to Kingsdown Campsite to meet up with Kent Pagans on their long weekend camp.  I had hoped to join them in camping but alas, the finances let me down again.

Still, spending the afternoon there was lovely, the campsite its self is beautiful and overlooks the sea, with only a short walk down to the shingle beach.  Rye adored running around the large field with the other child at the camp.  In this photo he is chasing his new friend.  (I've cropped it because I forgot to ask his mum if she was ok with me posting photos).
Rye's new friend introduced him to playing with a frisbee, and I was very impressed how quickly he learned to throw it - of course, there was still much ducking and diving to avoid having one's head thumped - overall though his aim wasn't too bad.
Both children shared/took turns with the frisbee and rackets and spider (no idea, the rackets  had a rubber spider instead of a ball) beautifully with very little interference from myself or B's mum. 
Later we ate our picnic sat on the grass, having a good gossip and just enjoying the lovely sunshine.
All that fresh air and running around and exploring meant that Rye was in bed fast sleep by 7:30pm! 

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