Friday, 28 August 2009

Blustery Friday.

Breakfast on Sidney the Snail.

After breakfast we walked over to the little park a mere 30 seconds away. Rye is capable now of holding onto the normal swings and he loves climbing up the slide and then sliding back down on his tummy. There's a grass area too for kids to kick a ball around with trees and bushes planted around it. It was nice walking round with Rye, he kept picking up leaves the blustery wind had blown off the trees and we found some lovely brances for the Season Table. I've since discovered, thanks to a mum on the GP forum, that the branch with the green circular leaves is an Alder. The Hawthorn trees down there have a lot of berries on them too, very tempted to pop down tomorrow morning and pick some to make Hawthorn berry syrup with.

The third ripe tomatoe off my plants. I wish there were more, although some are looking like they will ripen in the next day or so, assuming we continue to get some sunshine. I had some semi green ones fried, this morning, in a sandwich for breakfast. Very tasty. Rye had prune pancakes. I don't have any eggs left, so I decided to puree some of the dried, ready to eat prunes I have, knowing it can be used as an egg substitute. I made them yesterday, a few were left over so I'd wrapped and popped them in the fridge and they came in very handy for Rye's breakfast when he once again requested "Pancakes" .

Rest of the day was spent pootering around, not really doing anything, reading the odd requested book to Rye. Getting him paper so he could do some more drawing, singing songs. Letting him watch some Bob the Builder on the laptop and then eventually popping back over to Q's.

Q has picked him up a magndoodle from a carboot sale for 50p, and wow, he loved it. He particularly loved asking Q to draw for him and then waiting a mere moment before wiping what she was drawing clear and saying "Ohhhhhh nooo!" and laughing his head off. I was very impressed with his drawing too... Q often draws a cartoon version of a cat for him and he did a very convincing copy and he drew a lovely flower too. I am well chuffed, automonous learning in action.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I had hoped to go camping this bank holiday with the Kent Pagan lot; but alas, yet again finances got in the way, so not to miss out Q, J, Rye and me are going to drive over to the campsite tomorrow for a few hours. They are doing their craft workshops tomorrow, should be fun :-)

And finally, I am so pleased with the little man, he let me know each time he needed the loo while at Q's, so no accidents. At least not until we arrived home. He was asking for Bob the Builder again; but frankly there are only so many minutes of the day I can listen to that irritating song. Instead I found the Lion King on Surf the Channel and popped that on while we ate the cabbage and potatoe stew I'd chucked in the slowcooker earlier. Rye was so captivated that he wet himself. Ooops.

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