Thursday, 6 August 2009

Various Photos.

Rye's has for a while been attempting to write numbers and a few letters, I was very suprised when looking at his work to discover this section, where he's clearly written a "1, 2, 3, 4, 7", and "A" and an on it's side "M". He is very interested in the written word and loves asking what the words say.

Rye was desperate to have a go at taking a photo; this is his effort.... his thumb and part of my blanket.

Lovely snuggly morning, leisurely breastfeeding.

I was in the kitchen cooking tea, when I realised he was very quiet, popped my head round the door and discovered him "reading", chattering away telling the story to himself. He clearly has an excellent memory because I've not read the various little Thomas the Tank Engine books to him often, well frankly, because they are rubbish, but oh, he so loves all things train at the moment.

Hehehe, I love this photo, he looks like a right little bruiser, when in actual fact he's just got his mouth full of food.

My friend became very excited when she saw this photo thinking Rye was an engineering genius and built the fairy megablock castle himself; he hadn't of course, I had helped him build it, and just followed his directions of when he wanted a window, an archway etc, which fitted just lovely over the traintrack

Another of the photos taken the morning we leisurely breastfed and played with taking silly photos with the camera. ( I love lazy mornings)

Bless him, he is a bit of a boob monster; not bothered generally through the day; but oh he does kick up a fuss if he doesn't get his morning and evening "boooobssss" :-)

Rye's language skills have improved dramatically over the last few weeks, he's now speaking in quite complex sentences; unfortnately his clarity isn't as good as he often jumbles the words into one another. My hearing issues aren't helping either so I need to make a GP appointment to get them checked out as its been years since I bothered, and get Rye checked and maybe on a list for some speech therapy to help with his clarity.

We've also noticed he has a bit of a lazy eye, which is definitely becoming more noticable - it's not bad, it's just I can see when his eyes aren't always quite aligned better. I had popped into the opticians but they've said he needs a referral to the hospital because of his age. Bit of a nuisence but still, the quicker the squint is sorted the easier it will be, especially while it's only a slight problem - much easier to fix.

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lilac73 said...

Good luck with the lazy eye, my Mum's becomes more pronounced when she's tired so she can't fib and say she's ok when she's not!