Thursday, 6 August 2009

A day at the beach.

I love how much a bit of sand can amuse a certain little boy.
I love how quickly he makes friends and also how completely unaware he is when he's annoying older little girls who are trying to make themselves a paddling hole in the sand. Of course, he is only testing out their design....

she did some wonderful rolling of the eyes and huffing and puffing. I did try to get Rye to leave her alone; but he clearly thought she was the hole for his paddling pleasure, and the little girl's mum overrode me trying to get Rye interested in something else and instructed her daughter to leave him be. Cue many dirty looks at her mum.

So, if he was going to enjoy the fruits of the lass's labour, then I thought it only fair he joined in with fetching the water; this is him telling me vehemently, "Noooooooo".
He did find his brave regarding the sea and I managed to get him to enjoy having his toes in a couple of times and jumping on very small waves and then running away with me. He wouldn't go in the sea on his own, but he was getting much, much closer and treating it as a game, instead of the huge panic inducing fear of previous visits.

We shared "our" enclave with another mum and her 17 month old little boy. Rye and the little lad played lovely together, sharing and taking turns really quite well, all things considered. The woman seemed very nice; but toward the end of her stay she did manage to shock the hell out of me. She put her son back in the ginormous buggy and I don't know, he must have been rocking or something and one of the wheels ran out her foot, startling me and Rye with her suddenly very aggressive snarling and use of the f word to her son. Fine, we all loose it sometimes and she was clearly fed up of trying to get her boy to eat some lunch (chicken thigh and a doughnut) and him just getting it covered in sand and being far more interested in playing and toddling off exploring.

However, I find it rather unforgivable that she changed the boy's nappy once she had him in the buggy and to my utter disgust threw his dirty nappy at the back of the enclave. These enclaves get filled with incoming tide so that nappy would be washed out to sea and do untold damage to the poor creatures. And there is a bin at the top of the slipway, that she walked past, I was just so flabberghast at the littering, but also that she would throw it at the back of an enclave that I was still sat in with Rye! (I did pick it up and put it in the bin when I left)

I wasn't best pleased either to discover that the half chewed bits of chicken and doughnut, covered in sand had been left too - and ok gulls would have made tidy work of the scraps had she thrown them onto the sand; but she just left them, right where Rye was playing. I just found it incredibly bad manners and thoughtless.

Rye, of course, was completely oblivious, so long there were large holes dug by other children, for him to jump in and I bowed to his demands for sandcastles, so he could squish them by jumping on with his bum, he was perfectly happy.

And even the woman's bad manners couldn't spoil what was overall, a very lovely day all for the pricely sum of £2.40 for the return bus ticket.

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Arlenkern74 said...

some peolpe just beggar belief don't they ? unfortunately they are the majority !