Monday, 21 September 2009

Autumn Season Swap

I'm soooo chuffed with our season swap gift.  Thanks to ArlenKern 74
The autumn lady is beautiful, Rye keeps kissing her and saying "Ohhhh princess", and "pretty".  :)

 Looking forward to doing some crafting with Rye after lunch with these that ArlenKern added to swap item :)

And happy Mabon too :)

I created two season swaps this time, Izzy's partner had to drop out.  This is what I made for Izzy:

I'll post what I did for Anriel when I'm sure she's received her item :)  


Arlenkern74 said...

glad you got them in time xxxx

sue said...

wow, there are some very clever crafty mama's around :) wish I was a little more crafty.

shell said...

What an amazing picture!

Love your autumn lady too.