Saturday, 12 September 2009

Making Scone Pizza.

How can a mama refuse a little boy clambering onto the arm chair, taking her face into his small hands, his clear blue eyes looking so earnest as he urgently says:  "Pizza, Pizza," and when the mama asks if he'd like to help her make it and gets the response of "Yes, helps make Pizza", and claps hands and looks so happy - well, it's impossible.

So, we made pizza.  This time scone pizza as I don't have any yeast at the moment:

Rubbing the marg into the flour.

Mixing in the milk to make a dough
Kneading the dough lightly to bring it together.

Rolling the dough out.
Cutting up mushrooms to go on the pizza.

Ready to go in the oven... ohhh and the timer has just gone off :)

And the finished pizza.  Smells lovely, just waiting for it too cool a little before tucking in.


Jax said...

looks lovely too :)

Joxy said...

I've not had scone based pizza since I was veggie, when I was a kid - so I wasn't sure what it would be like... but wow - really tasty!

Unfortunately, Rye has fallen asleep so his serving is in the kitchen covered waiting for him to wake up :)

lilac73 said...

The recipe I learnt at school was scone based, we all enjoy it still, looks like he had a great time helping!

September said...

That looks really good, it's made me hungry :-)

Jacqui said...

It looks totally delicious. I have apizza addict here too - sometimes I just make it with a slice of bread, tomatoes and cheese - especially if he wants pizza for breakfast!

Joxy said...

It was really nice.

Oh that is a good idea of tomatoe on cheese as a "pizza" for breakfast - Rye does often ask for pizza when I ask him what he'd like.

Now I'm not opposed to cold pizza for breakfast... it is afterall a veritble tradition.. but I do draw the line at making pizza first thing in themorning lol.

Earthmummy xx said...

Spooky - Toby and I made scone pizza for tea. We never have any other kind because its so quick to make, and so easy for little hands to help with :)

Joxy said...

Yeah it is fab for little hand isn't it.. and Rye seemed to really like the scone base - it will become a part of our repetoire I think... plus it was just so wonderful to watch Rye rubbing the marg into the flour like I showed him.. he did do most of it himself!

Whereas with yeasted doughs I do tend to use the dough hook in the cake mixer then just hand knead for a moment or two.. so it's not so hands on for him.

Devonmama said...

Yum yum yum...we call cheese and tomato on toast 'poor mans pizza' here!