Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Shortest contract on record?


The mum called me about half hour ago, she's declined the job she was to start this morning, so the kids aren't coming.  She decided it was too long a day and that she'd never see her children. I completely understand, especially as their dad has them at weekends, so she would only see them to put them to bed, and I so know how horrible it is to hardly see the kids when having to work fulltime.

Problem is I spent a little money yesterday just getting a bit more food for the children.. money I wouldn't have otherwise spent because it was to cover a direct debit coming off next week, so now I have to find that money and I'm panicking a bit becuase if I can't cover it I'll be get stung by the bank again. 



Jax said...

sorry to hear this. Hoping the cosmic supply company comes through for you quickly.

bettywobble said...

oh hon, what bad news for you ((hugs))

Joxy said...

Me too lol.

Something wil turn up, there's not many childminders in these parts and my friend says her phone rings all the time, so she's passing details onto me, so with anyluck she'll get another enquiry soon and can direct them my way :)

Gonna take Rye to the toddler group tomorrow and see if I can leave posters and just get it out there that there's a new childminder in town lol.

ON the upside my house hasn't been this clean and tidy for a while! lol.

Mon said...

Ah, this sucks. But it means there's something else around the corner that you're really supposed to be doing, right?

Hoping things improve sooner rather than later chook.