Friday, 18 September 2009

Simply lovely.

Today has been simply lovely.
I was up till after 3am finishing off my season swap as I kept making changes, until finally I was happy with it.  This morning Rye got out of bed and came downstairs, when it finally registered in my sleep fogged brain that he was downstairs I leapt out of bed imagining scribbles and paint everywhere and ran downstairs to see what he was up to - I discovered him sat on the mat playing with the hobby horse and his treeblocks.  I confess to feeling a tad guilty for expecting the worst.

We had breakfast, mooched around, Rye playing with his toys while I wrapped up the items I needed to post and then finally we got dressed properly and took a leisurely wander down to the post office.  Then I asked in a few more shops about putting up my childminding posters - the news agent agreed for a small fee and the library took a poster telling me they weren't sure they were allowed to, but they did have an information pack and if they couldn't put the poster up they'd add it to the pack as they are always been asked about childminders. 

Then into the Co-op for bread, milk and squash and decided to treat us both to a little chocolate and some crisps.  Then onto the park, where Rye enthusiastically ran around playing with the children AND he managed to climb up the ladder on the climbing frame with the other kids.  Had a lovely chat to another mum and then we leisurely wandered home.

Rye tell me he needed a wee 3/4 of the way home, so I pulled down his pants and jeans, but we haven't quite got the knack of him being able to pee without wetting his trousers - he squats, he pees all over them and if I try to get him to stand and lean forward he gets worried and struggles.  I asked him to wait until we got home and bless him he did.  We do need to find a solution though for those odd occasions when there simply isn't a toilet available.  A friend has suggested keeping a little tupperware box in my bag in a nappy sac for him to pee into - and I quite like that idea, especially as I'm not overly keen really to teach Rye that it's ok to pee in public.

Once home we enjoyed a nice tea of sandwiches, the crisps and fruit - Rye wanted to picnic on the blanket.  His ventures into dressing and undressing are proceeding well too, he's now constantly practising taking off his clothes and trying to put them back.  He has the taking off bit down to a T, not so much putting clothes back on.  Fun to watch him try though.

Nothing especially exciting has happened, just one of those simply lovely days - no doubt helped by the lovely warm sunshine.  With any luck it will be equally nice tomorrow, and if it is I think a day at the beach is in order.

Oh, and quick update on his gums - no bleeding this morning when we cleaned them :)


mummybear said...

Don't you just love those unplanned days that just turn out the best.

Earthmummy xx said...

We have the same problem with toby and weeing while out. We tend to use biodegradable nappysacks for him to wee straight into, but that seems a little wasteful, so I try to use an empty pop bottle when possible. Havent quite got to the rinse and reuse stage yet though

Arlenkern74 said...

glad you had a lovely day xx we used to carry an empty water bottle for such occasions xx