Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Shopping and sore feet!

Yesterday, I decided to pick up a weekly bus ticket.  It's £10 and while I was hesitant to spend that sort of money on a bus pass I often end up not going places because I can't afford the £2.40 bus fare.  At least having the ticket means I can travel as much as I like in Folkestone and Hythe for the rest of the week - and having spent £10 on the ticket I'm determined to get my money's worth out of it. 

So yesterday we went to park, and today I popped into town. I had planned to wander down to the coastal park too, but by the time we finished purusing through the shops, feet were aching and I, certainly, had a yen to get back home.  Rye seemed ready to come home too.  It was quite a successful shopping trip:

First stop the yarn shop.  It's small, but wow, stuffed to the rafters with wool.  Not bad prices either, I thought.  The wool in the photo is 100% wool, 100g DK and it was £3.89 a ball.  I also picked up a 2.5mm crochet hook and a row counter.  The counter I specifically picked up because I'm crocheting a dress for a GP mama, for her daughter, and well, hopefully it will make keeping track of the rows a lot easier. 
Then I was lucky enough find a couple of jumpers for Rye in the YMCA charity shop for 99p each:

While searching for glitter, and failing to find a store that sold the stuff, I spied the Age Concern charity shop and decided to have a nosy and found this pumpkin costume for £2.99:

Rye of course wanted to try it on once we were home and I didn't argue. :-)

I wandered past a butchers too and noticed them selling free range chickens for £4!  They had some lovely sausages too, so I picked up a chicken for the freezer and 4 sausages.  I think I'll roast the chicken on Sunday.  I had taken sandwiches and a bottle of drink with us, but it was quite chilly in town and I really wanted a coffee, so I decided to treat Rye to a doughnut at a cafe.  Bloody hell though, doesn't anywhere sell bog standard coffee.. it's all cappacinos, americanos etc at exhorbiant prices, I was so shocked I bought myself a can of pop instead... even so a can of pop, a tiny carton of smooth for Rye and a ring dought cost £3.10!  Daylight flipping robbery!

On the upside, I did receive a call on my mobile from a lady looking for a childminder, she'd seen my details on the website.  I couldn't really hear her though, (I think I need to replace my mobile), so just said I was out at the moment and if it was ok I would call her back this evening around 5pm.  She said she'd call me, so wait and see.  Nice to get an enquiry, even if it doesn't come to anything.


lilac73 said...

Fingers crossed the enquiry turns into something more

Joxy said...

Its a pick up after school jobbie, 3 days a week, the family is popping over on Saturday to see me.

Thing is, I might not be able to take the job on because I think it would affect my benefits and as it's not enough hours for working tax credits.... Have to do some number crunching and see how it would work out.

Jax said...

it ate my comment. Was hoping that you had had a call back.

Is there no leeway to be able to take the job on and see how it works out? Hope there is. One contact is a good start and you could get more from word of mouth.

Joxy said...

Well I was thinking, I could take on the job, come off the benefits and to make it up the hours to 16 so I qualify for working tax credits I could do the crafting and painting.. and maybe even look into being a tish tash toy agent.

It works out I'd have about double the spending money I do now (basing that only on what I'd earn from tax credits and childminding) - still not a huge amount but would make life a little easier.

The child is also 6, so I won't have to do EYFS with him either,which is a bonus :)

bettywobble said...

Bless, Rye looks so sweet!
Hope you get the numbers sorted out; hope it all comes good for you :)

Mel said...

Good goddess, woman...I can't get past the idea that you were looking for GLITTER?!?! *giggle*. I've totally banned glitter from our house..and I'm not one for banning anything....but after one too many crafting sessions between Savannah and her cousin involving glitter ALL OVER everything...well...let's just say we use glitter glue now...;)

Hope the call-back worked out...the idea of that plus crafting up the difference sounds lovely...in theory, anyway! Now that you're on the website you'll likely get more calls anyway...