Monday, 12 October 2009

Oh, yes!

Mmm, oh, the park is lovely!  I realised once I got down there I've been before, but only so far as the bridge over the little stream, and when it was dark - it was a pagany thing with a friend a few years back.

But anyway, oh I'm so glad I decided to go and have an explore with Rye - it's beautiful and oh my gosh, he adored feeding the ducks and I just felt all the stress and uncertainity fade away to insignificance.

Rye found this kiddy area with slides, swings, monkey bars, seasaw etc.. he had a whale of a time.

It's not a very clear photo, but right at the back there's a fox.  It ran in front of us as we walked down one of the paths.

 Not sure what this plant is - it was growing on a tree - very pretty though.

It's been quite a few years since I've seen leaves turn this shade of red!

The large playing field part of the park.  Rye is chasing his shadow.

His shadow is now chasing him.

Ohhh, and it caught him.

View as we slowly walked back to the main road to catch a bus home.

I treated Rye to some chips from the chippy - running around all afternoon was clearly exhausting though as he fell asleep within minutes of getting home.  He's now in bed and I'm enjoying a rare evening to myself!
Today has been a gift from the cosmos.


Charlotte said...

Lovely! I especially like the view on the way home. Really LOVE autumn!

Charlotte xx

September said...

What a gorgeous park - and i'm so happy for you that you feel better and had a lovely peaceful time. That plant you found is a type of ivy, we have it all over our back wall and the bees LOVE it :-)
Btw, Rye is adorable!!
September x