Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Weekend.

The weekend has just evolved - I had planned to go the beach etc, but we didn't in the end - we've still had a lot of fun though:

Rye braved the rides outside the supermarket.  He's been desperate to have a go for months, but panicked as soon as I sat him in one.  We were waiting for a taxi, so I thought what the heck - and he really enjoyed it.. not only did he go on Bill and Ben, but Barnaby too.

Rye playing dress up with one of my nighties.

Then this morning we painted, using brushes, our fingers, hands and leaves.  I'm told the stripy red and blue paint near his arm is a "dwagon".  Spookily, when I popped the paper up on the side to dry and stood back, it does actually look dragonish, or maybe dinosaurish.

Then we played with plastacine.  (No table salt to make salt dough).

Then this afternoon we went to the park.  We took the frisbee too and had fun throwing it around and seeing who could get to it first.

The invicta horse as seen from the park.

Then back home.  House smelt lovely as we walked in, I have a "beef mince" (i.e. green lentils in beef stock) simmering away with veggies and mushrooms.  My dad use to make this a lot - 'cept he used mince beef, and we'd have it with lashings of mash potatoe and a large round yorkshire pud.  I also decided to have a go at potatoe dauphinos (sp?) in the slow cooker too.  It is handy have a slowcooker in which two meals can be cooked at once.  Anyway, I sliced far too many potatoes, so with the left overs I decided to make crisps.  Went down a treat :)

Mmm and can't wait for tea to be ready!


Arlenkern74 said...

looks like you had a lovely weekend xxx

Jacqui said...

Rye is getting so big looking! Glad you had a good weekend. We love the supermarket rides, and there are a couple of new ones here, which james was very excited about. xx