Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Upon rising and wandering downstairs, I looked around and decided we needed a bit of a sort.
I have a large wicker ottoman that I use as a toy box, the only problem with this is the toys on the bottom never see daylight.  However, before the sorting could commence, I decided it was time to give Rye a hair cut. 

Wow, you'd think I was trying to scalp him.  He screamed, he gasped, he wriggled and he screamed some more.  I was incredibly stressed afterwards; as was he, he hated the feel of the cut hair on his body and face and I thought he was going to make himself sick he was so distressed :-(
So a bath was called for; not appreciated initially, but once he calmed down he began to have fun with the submarine and ducks and when I asked him if he wanted to get out, he told me no.

After the bath, I emptied another shelf of my books, rummaged in the toy box and sorted through toys that haven't been played with much.  Cue one curious little boy sidling up to have a look at what I was doing.  Little fingers made a grab for the wooden play food, one of his faux aunties bought him two Yules ago.  I haven't seen him play with this stuff before - I had changed my mind about crocheting any playfood, now I think I might add it back onto my list. 

I'm really liking having some of his toys on display and it does seem to encourage him to play with a wider range and be more imaginative.  He played with various musical instruments, his ark of animals, which another faux aunt picked him up from a car boot sale a couple years ago, and again he's rarely played with these animals - tends to be more me that plays with them lol. 
He also did some crayoning and later we went to the park to run some energy off.

He now tries to swing himself and repeats, "Lean back, lean forwards", which is our mantra as I swing beside him.
I was trying to see if I can take quick snaps with my camera - often I try to take a photo and by the time it's finished assesing the light and adjusting what not, Rye has moved, I couldn't find such a setting but I did find the negative setting and quite liked how the park looked in negative.

Then back home for cheesy pasta and vegetables:

At teatime, since moving the table into the lounge, we now have a couple of candles on the table, burning and background music while we eat and chat.
Rye trying to blow the flame out, and demonstrating that he can use his right and left hand interchangably, although he does definitely favour his left hand.
Then later as I sat on the sofa watching Rye playing with his cars and garage, inbetween running up and down and jumping, I decided some more energy needed expending.  So, we walked to the BP garage for chocolate cake and to look at the stars.  I am really rather impressed that Rye, quite some time ago, clicked that the lights in the nightsky that move are planes, and the static ones are stars.  
Bit disappointed with the choclate cake though.  If I've not baked and decide to buy, I normally go for Marks and Sparks chocolate swiss roll.  The shop had a deal on chocolate fudge cake though, so I decided to buy that instead.  

It may be just be good advertising on their part, but I do hold Marks and Sparks to a higher level and while the cake wasn't as a dry as most shop bought, it still wasn't great - and I don't know it just didn't taste as chocolately as I thought it should.  Rye didn't seem overly impressed either.  Swiss roll he will try and con me into giving him an extra peice - the cake he only ate half of his portion.  

So the plan tomorrow is to do some baking in the afternoon, once we're home from going to the bank, (I'm enquiring into changing banks because Halifax are robbing so and so's and have announced they are going to start charging £1 per day for overdrafts! Daylight robbery, considering it use to cost me about 50p per month to use overdraft and now will cost me around £30).

Oh and final photo, Rye wanted to take some photos himself.  He took one of me, which was quickly deleted -eek and this one:

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